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3d scanner for purchase

I was wanting to know about the 3D scanner currently if you win the challenge you will be awarded one. When would they be available to early beta backers? Is there currently a way to add it to our orders?



I’d really be interested in getting the 3D scanning module as well.

I also am interested.

Yes please on the scanner!
$300?! Take my money!
Honestly though, really interested!

Count me in too :wink: (and some jibrish to get at least 20 characters)

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I’d be very interested in the specification, and would add it to my order if it is as good as the rest of the set-up.

I would love to have a 3D scanner module… if it worked well and was inexpensive.

I’m definitely interested in a scanner module. When will it be available for purchase?

I would appreciate a 3D scanner also. I do very intricate hand carving projects. It would be great to be able to scan then print less expensive copy’s. They could be great learning tools for students.

@Helen I forgot to tag you when I started this topic

Dear all, I am very sorry for the late reply. The 3D Scanner Module is not available at the moment. We will release the specification and price when it is ready for purchase. All of our Kickstarter backers will have a special discount for this module.


nevertheless, add me to the list, too, please :grimacing:

I agree (especially with kielyjw) the scanner and CNCRouter are the two modules I am most interested in.

As such it seems like it would make more sense to award scanner modules to people who submit photos of something they would like to scan to reproduce, instead of a link to something that a file already exists for printing. After all, that isthe purpose of the 3D scanner module.

Also, will it be possible for the scanner to create files for using the CNCRouter module to reproduce something that is scanned in wood as easily as it can be used to 3D print something using various fillaments?


I’m definitely interested in a scanner module.

I would be in for one as well

Interested in the 3d scanner module also.

where do i learn about this scanner, i would like to include it in my purchase

you can’t include it with your purchase because they are going to complete all of the pledged items first and then will develop and release the 3d scanning module. They have previously indicated that it will be available to all pledged kickstarters at a later date when they have developed it (and at a discounted rate). Many people have already indicated interest and I expect it will be one of their highest priorities once they have completed delivery of our already pledged kickstarter items.


Hi schristofersen, thanks for your clarification. We will take suggestions from backers to decide priorities and start R&D after delivery.