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Announcing the Result of IVI Challenge Accepted Game

Dear IVIers,

Thank you all for your active participation in the IVI 3D Challenge Accepted Game. The purpose of this game is to help us better understand what you want to use IVI for and create wonderful things together. It was the efforts from all of you that made it a success.

9 types of filaments were tested on IVI and hundreds of creative designs were shared by you. After 9 consecutive weeks of printing and an additional week for final voting, we are now happy to announce the top 3 winners! Each of them will get a free 3D Scanner Module!

Top 1-Moon City shared by ilaria-Week 02

Top 2-Piggy Piggybank shared by Rowdy-Week 05

Top 3-T800 Smooth Terminator Endoskull shared by bluedragons-Week 07

Congratulations to @ilaria @Rowdy and @bluedragons. The models shared by them are selected, printed and the likes of the prints ranked in the top 3. Please note that the prizes shall be shipped after it is available.

The prizes are limited, but the joy we shared is endless and the knowledge we gained is priceless. As long as you enjoyed this game by sharing, liking or just watching, it is worthwhile. Your participation is a remarkable part of this game. Thank you again for your support. We will bring more cool events to you in the future. Welcome to leave your insight/suggestion anytime. Together, we make IVI better.