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Any update for March?

any update for March?

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I believe they said they were delaying their next update until next week. Reason given, from what I recall, was they were still talking with investors and they wanted the extra time to include the progress from those talks in the update.

Edit: See Tiffany’s comment here: Status Update [Early February] - #27 by Tiffany



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Now on kickstarter :pensive:

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The post Ilaria mentioned: IVI: The Closed-Loop 3D Printer by IVI 3D » Status Update [Late March] — Kickstarter

For those non-kickstarter pre-sale buyers:

Dear IVIers,

This update was delayed because we were waiting for the investment outcome to share with you. And we are sorry that the deal hasn’t finalized yet. We are still negotiating the terms and conditions of the investment with the investor. We will mainly introduce financial status with you in this update.

Ⅰ. Financial status

*Originally we were planning to introduce financial status with you when the investment confirmed. But the investment is not going as fast as we thought. *

*We always received inspiring and supportive comments from you which inspired us greatly. Many backers said that they are satisfied with our transparency in communication. *

We keep trying our best to demonstrate the status & the progress of the project and keep up communication. But there is still one thing that we didn’t make 100% transparent. That is the financial situation.

The funds almost ran out after trial production. We were afraid that if we announce that the funds were running out, this project will be over. So we wanted to share the status with you after the investment finished.

No matter what, we won’t give up on this project. We really want to bring IVI to life after over 3 year’s self-development and 1 year’s teamwork. Since October last year, we’ve been searching for investment actively.

So far, the investment is still under negotiation and progressing slowly. We need to be patient wait for the final outcome. We will share it with you as soon as possible.

Ⅱ. Fund flow

IVI was started with 3 passionate founders. The fund flow is open and clear since the first day. After almost 2 year’s operation, we reviewed our cost. The major cost is labor cost and production cost. The proportion is as below:

Labor cost: 60%

Production cost: 16%

Administrative cost: 11%

R&D cost: 7%

Other costs: 6%

Ⅲ. The status of the first shipment

There are already some backers who received the IVI 3D printer, and other printers are on the way. They should be all delivered by next week. We will keep the connection with the beta adopters to respond to questions/suggestions.

Ⅳ. The next work plan

First thing is to get the investment done. If it doesn’t go well in the end, we will still try other methods to get funds and continue the project.

With the funds, we can continue our work. And we will keep you updated on any news.

This update doesn’t mean we failed in investment, but we do face great risks before signing the investment contract and receiving the investment. We are still working on the investment, and we hope to finish it successfully.

We are deeply sorry for bring you risks on this project due to our incapability. This dream is so big to carry. Thank you all for the continuous support along the way. We will keep fighting for our dream and for your trust.


IVI Team


So even though the people on KS is calling this vaporware or scams, I don’t think so. They are really trying their best to deal with this and COVID didn’t help anything. With those complications making things difficult on the investment process, so naturally it is still ongoing and slow.

Keep up the good work team and I really want to get my printer! :smiley:


I’m in agreement regarding the fact it wasn’t a scam or willful intent to deceive. I simply think it was an undertaking way beyond the expectations of the founders. Hopefully the potential for investors also means bringing in expertise in the areas of production and logistics, as it will only get tougher for the existing IVI team.