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Anyone got their backer survey kit yet?

it is one day before deadline and I haven’t seen anything yet in my mail box, wondering if anyone else already got it

Haven’t received mine yet either.

I just got mine last night. I’m assuming they’re staggering them out now.

just got mine 44minutes ago, it went to my spam box, everyone might want to check their spam box as well

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Just got mine and filling it out. Take my money.

Mine came in a couple hours ago as well. Gmail auto filtered it into the default “promotional” folder. Would have missed it if I had checked later in the day.

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I got mine about 2 hours ago - it went in my ‘Updates’ folder in Gmail. Might want to check filtered folders and spam before reaching out if you still haven’t received it.

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I got mine. The deadline to fill it out is 7/15, so even if they need to resend to someone, you have time to complete.