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Auto focus like snapmaker

Will IVI have an auto focus feature like Snapmaker?

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This is not that practical as it seems for smaller build/engraving volumes/areas.
The print head needs to move to a position of the material that you don’t care about getting ruined, then YOU still need to make sure that that area is at the same Z-offset as the location where you actually want to engrave. If your material is something like a sheet of wood it will most likely bend and flex over the build plate of IVI, meaning the Z-offset won’t be consistent (metal, plastic and many other sheets have the same issue).

Might be useful but having a cheap cube of acrylic of the exact dimension needed for the Z to be in focus would work really well as well and would be just as easy. At work we have a cheaper professional laser cutter (from Poland) which uses this exact method and that works great.
Even better if IVI could include the block themselves for people who have the laser attachment.
Get it moulded/extruded or lasercut depending on the quantity you need I would say. Should be possible to produce for less than 1$/€ and that would already be expensive in my opinion.


I think it’s cool. It can be deliver with a software update after we received it and I don’t mind it. For now, let’s just focus on delivery of the promised spec first. Don’t waste any effort onto something else.

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Hi IVI! I support you 100% and await delivery of the best printer in the world. Looks like you are very close. I know you in the CNY and have to deal with the Virus and I hope your entire team stays healthy and happy! Enjoy the CNY and everyone will be just fine. Sad to read the mean comments. Chalk this one up as POSITIVE SUPPORT!


Hi @NovemberMan, thank you for raising up the idea and sorry for my late reply. We will think about it after we delivered IVI to backers. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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