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BackerKit Survey Reminder

Dear IVIers,

This is to remind you that there are only five days left to complete and finalize your BackerKit survey (Pledge Manager survey). Till now, 1935 backers have completed the survey, and 502 haven’t. Below are some of the common questions you have raised regarding the survey.

  1. Pre-launch Referral Program

If you joined our Kickstarter Pre-launch Referral Program, please specify the email address you used for the program. We will contact you after the survey ends.

  1. The name to be engraved on your printer (Only for Very Early Beta Adopter)

25 Very Early Beta Adopters haven’t answered this question. If you are a Very Early Beta Adopter, please make sure you answer this question and the answer should be less than 25 characters, English letters only. Other characters will not be engraved.

  1. What’s the difference between the 500 mW & 2500 mW Laser Module?

The 2500 mW is stronger, capable of cutting thicker materials that the 500 mW cannot. The 2500 mW can have its output lowered, so it can function as the 500 mW does as well. If you plan to use the laser module a lot, then the 2500 mW would be a better choice.

If you want to cut wood, you will need a 2500 mW laser. The 500 mW can only cut paper. Both lasers can engrave on wood, bamboo, fabric, leather, plastic, paper, acrylic. But with the 2500 mW head, you can engrave faster, and also you can engrave black anodized aluminum.

The laser-cut/engraved works we published are mainly made with the 2500 mW laser head.

Laser engraved/cut models

  1. What’s the functionality of CNC Carving Module?

CNC carving module supports wood, bamboo, acrylic, etc. The spindle speed of IVI CNC module is 2000 – 8000 RPM.

CNC carved models

  1. Where to download the files for CNC carver/laser engraver like Thingiverse for 3d printing? How to make the file?

Recommended laser engraver community for designs:


https://www.ponoko.com/showroom/product-plans/free (shared by Vendela Susanne Ahlstedt Böcker)

Laser engraver: You can laser engrave SVG, DXF, JPEG, PNG files. You can laser cut SVG/DXF files. To get the correct format, you can convert the format via Inkscape (or other compatible software).

CNC carver: CNC carver has a higher requirement on the input file. Usually, it is a relief-shaped 2.5D model or 2D model.

IVI will provide more detailed tutorials on using these two modules in the future.

  1. When will you be charged?

If there are any additional funds you may owe through BackerKit, please make sure that you have the correct card information on file. Your card will be charged on 30th, July.

Thank you all again for being so responsive to answering our BackerKit survey!

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@Helen When is the latest we can change our address on our BackerKit surveys for the beta units? I’ll be moving out this week, and still haven’t decided on a location to move to.

Hi Brett, this is Tiffany, working with Helen on Marketing. As for the address question, we will send out another survey to confirm order content and shipping info with you before shipment. You can update shipping info by then.

@Tiffany Hi! I’m answered in question about engraving two variants, because of I dnt know can you engrave quote marks “” or not. There is variant if you can and if you can’t, so I suppose that you just can choose right one. Is it ok, or anyway I need to have in answer in that field only 25 characters?

Hi turko.dmitriy, we can engrave quote marks “”, so your choice is-- Turko “Zzuzz” Dmitriy , correct?

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@Tiffany yeah, that’s right!))) Thanks!

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Hi, where is the survey and how do i know if i have already taken it… i have taken one so far

Hi arthur, I just checked that you completed the survey already. And if you want to chek your survey, you can check your email box, we just resent the survey link to you.

Hi Tiffany, what about the scanner. I am interested in that too

I would also like to order additional items if possible

Hi arthur, the 3D scanner is still under development. It probably needs few months. We will announce this module when it is finished and you can order it with a special discount to early supporters.

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I just unlocked your order for you, please update and complete it as soon as possible.

Hi @Tiffany,

I recently purchased an IVI 3D unit along with several additional items…

I never received a BackerKit Survey, and would also like to order a 3D Scanner when it becomes available…

Thanks again, Alan

Hi @preis.alan, Thanks for your support. BackerKit survey is for Kickstarter backers to confirm order. You don’t need this survey.


Do you have some news concerning the Pre-launch Referral Program ?
Even if I gave my the email address in the survey, I still do not have any news about it.
Could you tell me more ?

Thank you,


Hello @leo, we are verifying all the registered email addresses and confirming all the referral gifts. You will be contacted with an email on the result of your participation very soon.