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Beta testers, share your experience!

When things get quiet, bunch of negative nancys will start complaining about delivery dates and refunds. So, to get the backers hopeful and excited again, I hope beta testers can share here.
Have you people get your printers yet?
Share your experiences and creations so we mere normal backers can express our envy and jealousy here :laughing:


I am one of the first beta testers, but I am still waiting on my printer. I’m sure once we (beta testers in the first batch) start receiving printers, you will see a bunch of posts from us with pictures and videos of the printers doing their thing. IVI said we should start to see them by the 2nd or 3rd week of March, which is now, so I expect in the next 2 weeks we will actually see them show up.

I’m also still awaiting my delivery. I have a tracking number for a package to be delivered tomorrow that I suspect is the device, but I can’t confirm that. Hopefully it is and we can start sharing some experiences very soon.

Update: Unfortunately that wasn’t it, but I do have the actual tracking number now. Woo-hoo!
Update 2: Tracking updated, estimated delivery 3/19


When did you get your tracking number? I’ve been waiting for mine. I was told tye printers already arrived in LA some time ago, so I thought I should have received a tracking number by now.

I received it pretty early this morning by email from an @ivi3d.com address. If you’re certain you haven’t gotten it yet, I’m sure the others will be trickling through. I don’t know anything about the business handling the logistics from the port, so I can’t estimate how quickly all 21 will move.

Beta testers don’t seem to get a printer. The whole “beta-testing” seems like a huge lie. There are no printers to test and if asked when I’ll get mine, I’m told: “When we shipp all printers”. No need for you to be jealous…

I received my tracking number, and there is an estimated delivery date of 03/19 for me. I actually saw this tracking number in my FedEx profile a while ago, but just said “Pending” forever. Now that they have cleared customs in LA, they are finally moving.

This first batch was only 21 printers (I think), so only the very first few beta testers are getting one of these units. The rest of the 200 early adopter beta testers will still get a unit before everyone else, but hopefully, @Tiffany can shed a little light on that for you guys.

I would expect you guys will see a few more posts by this weekend as the first few units finally arrive to us. As the first batch, we have all agreed to get through our testing as quick as we can to help provide feedback for IVI to make any changes before the next batch is made.

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Same here, mine is expected to arrive next Monday the 22nd!

I think @tiffany did say the initial batch of beta testers will take about a month to get to U.S. via container shipment and then the local logistic company will take over the local shipment. I can confirm as the first batch beta tester that Fedex issued a tracking number back in early Feb was just picked up yesterday and it’s on it’s way to me.

I’m Backer #75, Very Early Beta Adopter located in California, USA and my printer was just delivered by FedEx! Can’t wait to try it out!


Hopefully when you all start testing, someone can let me know if the CNC part of this machine has an emergency shut off function.

Do you mean an automated one? Or a physical switch?

Either. Or both would be nice.

So far the printer works great. I have tried to use the Laser Engraving, but I don’t know much about it. When I try to use it, it just looks like everything Isa big burnt blob. I don’t know anything about the settings, so it’s likely just something I’m not doing right.

The print quality is good, from the one model I’ve printed. It’s actually pretty smooth. I will be printing out a few parts for work, to see how the come out.

I also have the CNC addon, but I haven’t even tried to use it, because I don’t know anything about how to use it. Hopefully people start uploading YouTube tutorials to help us less experienced people learn more.


One thing I don’t like, is everything it gets turned off, it needs to be recalibrated. And with the limited number of material samples for laser engraving, that’s a bit of an issue, since it needs to engrave some squares during calibration.

One other thing, is that when I send a model from the slicer to the printer, it doesn’t start the process. I still have to go physically to the printer, and choose what I’m going to print/engrave. And it doesn’t have the staus of the print, in the slicer program. Again, maybe I’m doing something wrong, so it would be cool to see some YouTube tutorials uploaded at some point

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This is actually a good safety feature; by acknowledging the job at the printer it gives you one last chance to verify your setup.

I agree in that sense, but when the printer is in another area, it’s more of a hassle. Especially if you are in different buildings. One thing that could be implemented would be warning prompts, instead of requiring to be physically at the printer. This would definitely be useful in large machine shops. For example, I could be working on a model until midnight. But my work printers are 30 miles away. All I do is connect to the company’s VPN, send the model to the printer, and it starts up. Then when I go into work the next day, the completed print is waiting for me (depending on the print of course.)

But also not seeing any print status even though there is a window in the slicer for that purpose, is a little disappointing. Hopefully that updated in the future.

Yeah, I noticed the printer status went cold after I loaded the file.

I’m having a lot of fun with it so far! I’m documenting just about every thought I have, and I’m taking lots of pictures and videos I’ll eventually sort through and share (I’m still preparing my feedback). I’ve mostly been sticking to printing so far, and am poking and prodding to see what it’ll give me.

Here’s one thing to share so far. I experimented today with printing with a 0.40mm nozzle. I copied just a few default values from the Prusa MK3S default profiles for this, so I wouldn’t say this test was pushing the IVI 3D’s printing speed. The IVI 3licer estimated a print time of 1 hour 32 minutes, which seemed disappointing, but the actual print time took 1 hour almost exactly. For comparison, the same model on the Prusa MK3S with similar settings takes closer to the estimated hour and a half.
Note, this is not the first test print I printed, just the first printing with a 0.40mm nozzle, so some settings have yet to be optimized.

Here’s the 3D Benchy I printed, using Prusament PLA Blend in Royal Blue, 0.40mm nozzle, 0.20mm layer height, 1 hour print time:

Here’s the bottom layer. While there are some functional things I wouldn’t print on a textured sheet, I usually print on a textured or satin sheet, and I absolutely love the look on the bottom layer from the aggressive texture on this sheet. In fact, seeing this bottom layer with this Royal Blue, I think this would look awesome as a top layer for water effects, or in different colors as different landscapes like a desert.


I have been having fun getting through my Beta Testing on my unit. There are some minor issues to work through, but only what I would expect with Beta level hardware and software. Most of the issues I’ve been seeing so far should be very easy for IVI to fix on the full production units.

The print quality is great, and the machine is nice and quiet compared to my previous FDM printers.

It is a large machine, and you need headroom on top of it to be able to change the filament, so keep that in mind for where you plan to put it.

I haven’t tried the CNC or Laser tool heads just yet. I will need to move the machine to a different room for those.