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Carbon Finer filament

May have missed this, and if I did I apologize - will there be any testing done with carbon fiber filament?

If they don’t, I’ll be happy to test it when my beta comes in. I have some CF filament coming in today, and have a sample from Maker Box, so I can compare a couple different ones too.

Also want to add, as this seems a relevant place to put this, but I did ask if we could make suggestions for filaments on their weekly challenge. Helen’s response was simply that they’d be announcing the filaments when they post the challenge each week.
If they do announce one or make a test print with a CF filament, I hope they’ll use a filament with a higher particle count/density, and other than PLA, to see it stress the system more.
I personally want to see them make a print using Carbodeon’s PLA + uDiamond. It boasts the ability to print at speeds up to about 500 mm/s! I’d love to see how the IVI printer can perform at it’s fastest speeds when matched with a filament that can more than keep up.

Thanks, that would be great. Hopefully we see some tests in the coming weeks, but if not I would certainly be curious how it performs.

I would like to see how it does with the Markforged Onyx filament. It looks like finely tuned engineering material , and I would like to see IVI print it!! Carbon fiber in a nylon matrix

We haven’t tested carbon fiber, but we assume it is not supported by IVI. Because the nozzle we use is brass nozzle which is not suitable to print carbon fiber since the hardness is not enough. Considering the tight testing schedule, we aren’t planning to test carbon fiber in the short term.

There are plenty of filament brands on the market and the difference between them may cause different print quality. We will conduct filament testing based on the filament type to find out how many types of filament IVI supports and the recommended printing parameters. Just like @BrettJP mentioned, IVI users can do filament testing after they receive the printer. We can push the boundaries of what’s possible with IVI 3D printer together.

Still, if nozzles are changeable we could technically add a hardened steel nozzle later right?

Techdragonz, yes that’s true. What I don’t recall is if there’s any chance the additives (carbon fiber in this case) will cause any wear and tear to the internal ceramic tubes.

Hi @Techdragonz, yes, you can change nozzle by yourself.

Hi @BrettJP BrettJP, carbon fiber won’t have a special influence on the ceramic tube. The ceramic tube is more wear-resisting than common tubes made of metal. We use it to enable IVI to be possible to support high-strengthed materials.

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