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Challenge Accepted Game – Week #01

Dear IVIers,

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm to take part in our Challenge Accepted Game. Each Monday, we will announce the filament to be tested in the week and you can reply below the topic to share with us the model that you think best suits the filament.

The filament of week #01: Wood-filled filament
Common applications

  • Household decorations
  • Cosplay props
  • Toys

Important reminders:

  1. Please share or like the model you want IVI to print.

  2. There are no limits to the number of model parts but all the parts of the whole model need to be printed within 12 hours.

  3. A picture of the model and a link to download the STL file should be included in the reply.

  4. If the shared model is not designed by you, please make sure you get the permission of the model creator to share in public. Name or page link of the creator should be included in the reply.

  5. The more likes you get for your shared model, the more chances we will print it. So please try to share as much information as possible and mingle with your fellow IVIers to get more likes.

  6. Every Wednesday on 21:00 PT, IVI team will select one from the top 3 most liked models to print.


  • The number of winner changes from 1 to 3, which means instead of only one backer will get a free 3D Scanner Module, there will be three backers whose shared models are selected, printed and the likes of the prints rank in the top 3 will win a free 3D Scanner Module each.


  1. By sharing the model with us, you grant us the right to use it. IVI will not accept any complaints about the use of the shared model.

  2. IVI reserves the right to disqualify participants if there is any violation of the rules and regulations.

  3. IVI reserves the right to cancel or modify this Game at any time.

  4. Due to the R&D development time & production lead time, the shipping date of the 3D Scanner Module will be announced at a later time.


My challenger are the squirrel modeled after the cute ather and the cute female squirrel (fan name hazel) of the Disney classic movie sword in the stone in german die hexe und der zauberer.


a wonderful model. it need suport so the ivi can show how well it can handel support.
the fingers and faces needs a precise 3d printer for the details.

under the line this model is a good choice for the ivi to show wat the printer can handel.

and if you ask me i would love to see the model printet in wood.
a masterpiece no woodcuter could ever make by hand

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collapsible basket by 3Dprintingworld on thingiverse is a great print with wood, the twist on the hinge require a printer with fairly good accurate to print



Here is a model I made for my girlfriend’s brand OneOne, I have been trying to get it done in my form1+ with no success, it is in two parts because it’s hollow and also printing area limitations, it is real size (based on my hand, that’s why fingers are crooked, not be cause I suck at modeling hahaha) and the walls are 2.5mm thick, nice extra difficulty level!!. Is this challenge or what!!? :partying_face:

The idea is to hand paint it (hahaha sweet pawn), so each one of those will be a unique piece of art… I see it already, will look awesome on my center table.
here are some links:
*Turntable 1
*Turntable 2

hope you guys like it !!!, please like, share and subscribe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just noticed the videos won’t play full lenght when streaming, not sure why, but just download.

Disclaimer for IVI team

I splitted the piece like this to fit in my actual printer, but since I don’t have the IVI with me, let me know if you need different cuts or perhaps the full untrimmed piece and I will fix it for you. Thank you!!


As it is in wood I would love to see the model below printed. If possible add some stain to it to really make it pop like the one in my image (image below is from my printer)

File here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2493386


My challenge is this very detailed ‘Baby groot’ model.
It would look amazing printed with wooden filament at a high detail.


My challenge is this MAIL OWL. It is perfect to be printed with wood filament for its many details and for the subject it represents.

Print: follow the advice of Stephanie Piper

Link to file mail owl.stl

My challenge is this NICE ELEPHANT. It is elegant and refined in wood filament. With its internal joints we can test the quality of IVI 3d printer with wood filament.

Print: choose the small file (XS model)

Link to elephant.stl

Link to video



My challenge is this DANCING GROOT. It is perfect for this challenge because its internal joints are very difficult to print.

Link to file.stl

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I would love to see how well this does with chest miniatures. I challenge it to print one of these chest miniatures by sablebadger.

The model can be found on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3033692

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Luggage from Discworld!

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So many nice ideas I like this little piece from Thing Universe, hoping that counts? Do I need to ask the designer?

Bender’s downgrade from “Obsoletely Fabulous” in Season 4 of Futurama. Not my favourite episode but a great example to print in wooden filament.


Shared from Ben-3D @ https://www.thingiverse.com/Ben-3D/about


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Who remembers the Deku from Legend of Zelda? The child in me demands to see this printed in all its mysterious woody glory!


Designed by Daniel Hedenborg from Malmo, Sweden

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RPG Staircase: Multi angles in the base and detailed textures in the tops.

From Festera521 on Thingiverse.


This model is a miniature for tabletop gaming useful for city/town scenes. It has rounded edges, overhangs, fine detail, and both rough and smooth surfaces. In the past, printing in PLA for me would mean extra work for texturing and painting to give it a “wood” look. Can IVI print wood filament in fine detail (e.g. .15mm) and still produce good results? If it can, scene structures would have a more realistic look with less time painting and texturing. Would be amazing! Would save so much time!!! Another selling point for IVI to a specific market for 3D printing.


Credit to Curufin on Thingiverse


I’d be interested to see how the IVI handles the overhang on this Tree Model since the tree relies on the overhang sagging to make it look like a tree…