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Challenge Accepted Game – Week #02

Had to go back a few times, to find something beautiful see how printer captures the smooth flow of the dress…


Hey lets see how it can handle this marble vase! :v:

Creator: Macaulay Honors College at CUNY


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I figure this would be cool from a texture look, in Marble. The entrance to the marble city!

From Thingiverse:

OpenForge Stone Gatehouse

by devonjones


If it’s marble you should print the ultimate classic marble statue: The Renaissance David!!
Credits to: luotinen @thingiverse for the model. David_preview_featured

2 years ago my wife and friends did a microgame in 2 days and develop an antihero called Dr. ZorongoC-Cl0vYXsAEPF8G
This little piece of shit with a powerful weapon (a plunger) deserves marble statues all around the world.

Here is the Dr.

And here we can see how run https://twitter.com/i/status/855866436367114241

If do you want to play the microgame can you find here

Thanks for shares and likes.

3D modeled by Trini Hato


Could you print this miniature model (scaled to 28mm) for tabletop gaming? This model is several pieces that then fit together. The pieces can be printed simultaneously if laid out on the plate together. I think this would be an epic looking piece for either a game character or a statue prop.

Bloody Glorious Hawk-boy
credit to SebTheis for the model

link to stl files


I would test the “PolyPearl Tower Torture Test” model by “ Polymaker_3D”.
The model can be downloaded from Thingiverse.


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I would stick with the miniature direction and would like to see a model of Shinokez which I found on Thingiverse. As the initial Model is quite small, I would here ask again for a larger Model and a faster print speed to see the quality outcome of fast prints with IVI. :slight_smile:


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I’d like to see this Stan Lee bust printed.
Stan Lee Bust found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3224917
Credit to the maker

My challenge is a very elegant Nautilus

(Printed by 3DLadnik)

Original model by by USER1101


I want IVI to print this Capital City model by Srifraf at “creator’s page link” + “model picture”. The model can be downloaded from the https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3153866/files since there are many models there, I would choose TMSTCapital2019WWords.stl https://www.thingiverse.com/download:6061996

These models are amazing and I’m almost done replacing the tiles that came with Terraforming Mars, I would have liked to see the Cupola City tile as well, but the Capital seems to fit the filament better.

I challenge IVI to print this Jupiter Column Base I. Marble it would show the ability to get smoth but detailed images on a vertical print surface. Model available on thingiverse

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I’d like to see this Discobolus from Thingiverse:
Discobolus (The Discus Thrower)

Model by smkmuseum

My Challenge is Hachiko .
This model by MakerBot is ideal for marble filament.

Marble seems the perfect medium to replicate bone, don’t you think?


Here’s something fun to print. It gives the IVI team the true power of running a forum, but it also shows us how IVI handles lettering as well as smoothness for larger, flat pieces. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24988/makes Created by DrBlackAdder


I would like to see the angel of death as the week#02 challenge


Hi Insanion, your request is heard. Even though we are not printing this model this week. We will definitely test IVI with larger model and faster print speed to demonstrate the print quality of IVI. Please stay tuned.

Hey @helen,

These are some great news many thanks for that. Even if I didn’t tried it to be in this way. Just my own mindset as a goal during these challenges to see something further.

I am curious of the outcome and eagerly wait for this update then. In the meantime I still try to participate in your challenge. :wink:

Dear IVIers,

Thanks for the support of over 30 backers who shared with us the models they want IVI to print for Week #02, we printed the Moon City shared by ilaria as it gets the most likes among all the shared models. The model was created by Jukka Seppänen. Because the filament contains black resin particles, the nozzle temperature should be slightly higher and the nozzle diameter should be 0.4 mm.