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Challenge Accepted Game – Week #03

HELLBOY designed by Printed Obsession

With its numerous details, this model is perfect for this challenge.


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Why not printing this WOMAN-VORONOI STYLE ?
It is designed by Roman Hegglin.

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My week 3 challenge is the ultimate item that should glow. A Lightsabre that collapses and should glow in the dark.


How about an Earth Golem? Great figure that can live on it’s own or with a little wash.
Model by rocketpiggames

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Glow in the dark makes me think of radioactivity. So why not print a bust of radioactive Hulk designed by JS-Studio.

Dear all,

Thank you all for sharing the models, please note that the model need to printed within 12 hours. Otherwise, we will either not print the model or we will down size the model which may affect the final result.

How about a Kuchi Kopi from Bobs Burgers? Not very detailed, but it will show off how smooth IVI can print curves, and the model itself is perfect for glow in the dark filament.

Model by lorengrooms on Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1102735/comments image


Nothing more majestic than glow-in-the-dark dragon, model by boris3dstudio


I propose this Castel, castello di Miramare by Cipper :

I wish i found an haunted Castel but i didn’t

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I thnk this would be awesome



How about one of the Fifth Element stones? They would look good in the glowing filament and they are just slightly shorter than the max print height so it would be a great test to see how taller objects print. It also has some great inset details like lines and cracks that need to come out clean and smooth.

Dear IVIers,

Last week, we printed Yoda with Noctilucent Glow in Dark PLA. The model was shared by ilaria and designed by Barak Moshe.

Below are what we found from the test.

  1. As Cherub Shiao pointed out before our test, glow in dark filament abrades the nozzle very easily. Both the brass nozzle and stainless steel nozzle we used were abraded.

  1. The filament we used has a low viscosity which makes the model not easy to stick with the raft and we had to reduce the air gap between the raft and the model from normal 0.15 mm to 0.02 mm.

In summary, we do not recommend backers to print with glow in dark filament.

PS Here is an inspirational quote that I like the most by Master Yoda, “No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.” Hope all of us can commit ourselves to something completely and may the force be with you.

See you in Week #04~


It looks good, though. Weird that the stainless steel nozzle would be worn in such a way. I’ve never seen that before from glow in the dark filament.

That’s typical for glow in the dark filament. In fact most manufacturers will note that their glow filament is very abraisive. In my experience I’ve found it to be almost as bad as cf filled filaments.
Since it’s a standard nozzle I’d recommend hardened steel or coated do get longer life with glow or cf filaments.

I use CF filled filament almost 24/7 on both hardened steel and a tungsten nozzles. It NEVER wears them that much. I’ve been through probably 30 Kg of filament with no appreciable wear. To see it glow in the dark wear a steel nozzle after a single print tells me that there’s either something in that filament that is super non-standard, or that’s not an actual steel nozzle.

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Hi @eneref,

Where can you purchase hardened steel and a tungsten nozzles ? Prices ?

How do they compare in price & durability to the above mentioned… Thanks

It depends a bit on the type of nozzle you need. I often use MK6 nozzles from Midwest Tungsten. They’re pricey, but they last forever.

But I don’t know what kind of nozzles this printer will use.

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Hi @eneref & @preis.alan, we designed our nozzle with a standard M6X1 thread.

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Excellent… Thank you ! Alan