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Challenge Accepted Game – Week #04

I would love to see some dice printed! 1) because using dice with your hands should be cool for the color change, and 2) I really want to see the level of quality and details this could bring out!


I’d love to see how clean it can print one of my figurines. The shoulders don’t connect, but the figure without the shoulder is ok.

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There is a company that make filament that has metal in it, that can be use on a normal 3D printer to print out metal 3D projects, do you think that yours would be able to handle it. You can print any test object. They have different metals for use


Hi! What about something futuristic?

IVI Printing IVI Challenge

Hi Not too sure if this is the right place or if I am too late…but I have a challenge to print IVI printing IVI

Please me know if you want my STL of this item




I think this printed in silver would look much better and closer to the real thing. I think I should have printed it larger; I tried to keep to scale of 10:1 but seems slightly small. Not sure if you can see the second IVI inside being printed.

This is the view within TinkerCad. Which shows much more detail.ivi

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Wow, Martin, this is so cool. Our team loves it. Yes, we see the mini-printer in the printer. Let’s use IVI to print an IVI with an IVI inside. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is the link to Tinkercad for this model.
IVI Printer

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Wich object did you print?


Hi ilaria, It may be hard to see but the little red tower… I know it’s small but I thought would just create a model of what we are buying. My STL is to a much bigger size. Regards, Martin

Just a guess; but if you look at bullet 4 in the last update, you’ll see that the small chameleon from one of Daniel’s posts is shown in the slicer… :wink:

That seems the way to go, upload a lot of designs, so your changes are bigger… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dear IVIers,

Last week, we printed Chameleon with thermochromic color changing PLA (From green to yellow). The model was shared by daniel-krueger12, and designed by freeoutlaw.

Chameleon from green to yellow

Eye to eye

As you can see, the details are great and the model easily changes color when the temperature is high (Over 31℃). According to the testing, we found that this kind of filament is easy to print with, just like normal PLA.

Source of the model

Chameleon by freeoutlaw

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, once said “There is nothing permanent except change.” Let’s embrace changes and live in the moment. :blush:

See you in Week #05~