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Challenge Accepted Game – Week #09

Dear IVIers,

The printing result of Week #07 and Week #08 have both been released. Please click the link and check the details.

The filament of week #09 (last week of the game): Pink PVB

Please share with us the model you want IVI to print below and get the last chance to win a free 3D Scanner Module.

Important reminders:

  1. There are no limits to the number of model parts but all the parts of the whole model need to be printed within 12 hours.
  2. Please don’t share models repeatedly in a single round. A picture of the model and a link to download the STL file should be included in the reply.
  3. If the shared model is not designed by you, please make sure you get the permission of the model creator to share in public. Name or page link of the creator should be included in the reply.
  4. The more likes you get for your shared model, the more chances we will print it. So please try to share as much information as possible and mingle with your fellow IVIers to get more likes.
  5. When the game ends on August 31, there will be three backers whose shared models are selected, printed and the likes of the prints rank in the top 3 will win a free 3D Scanner Module each.


  1. By sharing the model with us, you grant us the right to use it. IVI will not accept any complaints about the use of the shared model.
  2. IVI reserves the right to disqualify participants if there is any violation of the rules and regulations.
  3. IVI reserves the right to cancel or modify this Game at any time.
  4. Due to the R&D development time & production lead time, the shipping date of the 3D Scanner Module will be announced at a later time.

Looking forward to seeing your models.


I was going to submit a very different Pink classic Cadillac car, but this is also a classic and in pink! It would be good for a complex print where the color would really show off how nice the IVI Printer prints.


Not a tabletop mini… But if I think of pink - Kirby it is.

Here comes the pen holding Kirby!

Go ahead Ivi. Let’s see how smooth the surface of kirbys body will get, or if any kind of layers will be seen easily at the end.

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Too sexy?
I’d like to see the how the printer handles smooth contours as well as how the filament comes up after a good polish with an alcohol rub. Plus there’s the colour which i think lends itself to the piece.

From https://www.thingiverse.com/xiaoxunyue2016


a nice ring

IVI has not yet tested the Voronoi Style. This is the last chance.


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Hello Kitty

@Helen I don’t understand this challenge, why PVA? it’s not like IVI have a dual extruder…or is IVI somehow planning to add an option?

@Helen I to am confused pva is a water soluble filliment mostly used for supports… so why print in it if only 1 extruder is available

@davidwanj @bluedragons Sorry, it’s my mistake. It is PVB instead of PVA. PVB can be be easily smoothed/polished to a beautiful glossy finish using alcohols such as IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol.

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Ok , since the this challenge is for smooth surfaces maybe something like a Iron man helmet by Scottyboy 1129

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For the final challenge I suggest that we print a Chinese dragon.

Or for nostalgia sake the all mighty PINKY from DOOM!!!


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image How about the pink power ranger?

This marble machine would show accuracy, and can be polished up to a shiny for a smoother run.



i things the pink panther is a good idea

this model by Anthony Lu


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Permission Granted. DBZ Majin Buu! The detail on this sculpt would be a great test for the printer while still testing how smooth it can make curves. Artist would love to see a picture of his sculpt printed by IVI.54578611656798245210940077c32ced_preview_featured


I would also like to see this being as it’s the last test.