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Changing extruder nozzle

I was wondering if the nozzles used are from a manufacturer that also has hardened and or plated nozzles OR are a standard size so I can find a manufacturer that can sell me hardened nozzles?
I presume many of my prints will use filaments that might wear on a brass nozzle more significantly than simple PLA. In an effort to keep from constantly replacing nozzles, my plan is to initially remove the OEM brass nozzle and install a plated nozzle.
Any info regarding this will be greatly appreciated.
Be well,

I’ve asked something similar - nozzles are M6 and e3d nozzles should fit well. Check FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Thank you! I guess I didn’t look very thoroughly first.:worried:. I don’t think I’ll have any further questions, but if I do, I’ll do a more complete search before posting.
Thanks again!