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Class action lawsuit! No more scammers on ks!

Where has all our money gone? Since I haven’t had my printer after two years, I want all my money back. Backer #1039.

Anyone who wants to join me answer below. I don’t want to lose my money. Who wants to get their money back? I’m ready to take a class action, then let’s see what happens.


Its going to be difficult to sue a Chinese based company. You would have to go through their legal system.

And even if we won, they have no money what would we get back? can’t get water from a stone.

Their last update was exactly a month ago, I’ll give them till the end of the week till I give up on this project.

Difficult is not impossible. Not for me!

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I wrote to Kickstarter support in all languages ​​of the world, explaining everything that happened. Let’s start like this. My patience, after 2 years, is over today.


Money is gone they stole it. Never had intentions of of filling the kickstarter. It was just a scam to steal the development money in hopes of doing exactly what they have so far. With that said the only money that by law able to get back would be the shipping charges. That is not something they can steal even under kickstarter. I have emailed them many times asking for my money back they don’t even reply that shows you what kind of people were really dealing with. After day one funding in the first major delay was announced we should all know then we got f*****.


I’m sure you’ll get a lot of people to sign up. Start looking for a lawyer that knows how to handle companies like this, I would not know where to start.

One thing is for sure, this was definitely fraud as they announced a delay the morning after they charged our credit cards. Scammers for sure.

Actually the deeper pocket here is Kickstarter as an entity they certainly are an enabler for such scams


Where is the info of what you guys are talking about? Can’t find anything only what people are saying.


There isn’t any.

At the moment most of us are patiently awaiting a status update.

Things are not great based on the last update, but until we hear otherwise it’s not yet over. They were transparent with us about financial issues and told us they are working on a plan to find investors.

It could very well all fall apart, but that has not yet been confirmed.


People like making claims and then flipping about it :man_shrugging:t2:

They can be impatient, will scream thieves and scammers, however they have no proof nor convincing arguments.

People being in over their heads doesn’t seem to be an option they want to entertain. Especially this group (Helen, andy, and Tiffany) looks like they really cared and I can understand if they feel embarrassed and arehaving trouble telling us that they failed (most people have no clue about Asian culture or morals).

Also IVI might still be trying to find an investor although it looks unlikely.

These people are not actually helping anyone by saying the same things over and over again and are clearly just frustrated because they possibly made a bad investment and can’t accept that.


Thx for the answer. Yes it doesn’t look good but if they are still looking for investors they probably need more time.

I’m preparing for the worst but hoping for the best now.

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One person is the beginning, 10 people are already a community. My thoughts are that in this problem hundreds of people can unite. I believe that we need to unite, unite together on this issue. Can we use the Telegram platform? We will create a community and add only those who are really members and patrons of IVI.

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Lol this is so fuckin stupid. You’ll get absolutely no where because you agree when you back something on Kickstarter that you’re acknowledging and agreeing to the fact that you might never receive a product. Good luck finding a competent lawyer to take the case. Any lawyer who’d actually go with this is just taking your money.


The real question would be, how much more would it cost to get the parts and shipping based upon the current prototypes/finished details? If it was guaranteed and reasonable pricing, I could see many people having interest in funding to the finish line. It really depends though. For example if the basic printer cost $600 (in my currency) and to get it finished and shipped was another $300+ that might be steep. But if it is $200 or less, than I would be interested to protect my initial investment. What is the final cost per unit?

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They said that the production cost is about 20%

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Uhhh ive been waiting 2 years since 2019 april and honestly paying like £450 - $600 with attachments is quit cheap for what they shown us. I mean i did get baited by seeing the Ad video with the Deathtropper being built from the 3dprinter but honestly its been 2 years i am as upset as you if this doesnt go the right way and lets hope these guys dont screw up like Tiko 3D printer which people did have the eye brows up when they seen how similar they look and how we all thought these guys probably tried to kickstart this 5years ago but it failed. Will just have too see what happens to our HuG3 Am0UnT oF mOn3y that was sarcasm by the way.

Maybe you can ask for some other investments like a % hmm

Ok guys, I’m so conflicted in this, what to believe or not believe. Still hoping we all get our machines in the end.
The lucky Betas that got their machines have been reporting nothing but great results so far. So I’m going on faith more than anything.
I’ve had a semi-successful KS campaign myself and even if I failed, I still delivered my promised rewards, out of my own pocket, just to show my believers i wasn’t a fraud.
But the IVI team has stated several times, if they have things to report, they will. I take their silence as they are working hard on finding investors in the midst of the COVID pandemic, where loads of businesses are forced to shut down due to not getting revenue enough to pay their bills. It’s a hard situation these times.


I love your optimism, I’ve been very pessimistic myself and this is exactly what I needed to see.

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We legit need more of this

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Are you aware this project 1st emailed its backers there was already a DELAY the morning their Credit Cards were charged?