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Cutting mounting board w Laser

Super excited to receive my printer. Wondering if it may be possible to cut mounting board for framing w the laser cutter. Seems a simple task, but this will be my first time working with a laser. Any thoughts?

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Hi @Omosha, thank you for your support. IVI laser module can cut through max 3mm thickness board. Is this information helpful?

Thanks @Tiffany. It is actually. I’m new to laser cutting and am curious about the parameters of what’s possible. W the upgraded laser, what is the maximum thickness and range of material the unit is able to cut?

Really excited to receive my unit and share what’s possible w the ivi3d in hand.

All the best.

@livingduality on IG

3mm is with 2.5W
500mW is not going to be doing much cutting.

Also only expect to be able to to cut simpler materials, light woods (multiplex/mdf), acrylic, cardboard, etc.
Metal is not happening but also a lot of tougher denser woods (hard woords) or specific plastics will be simply impossible.

The wavelength also plays a role, and materials that are fully transparent might be difficult (looks like a laser based on a Led, probably a lower wavelength).

500mW will only engrave or maybe cut some paper at most.

I sometimes work with a CO2 laser with 40W, those are way to expansive to put on a machine like IVI (we have one at work) and that still won’t let you cut metal (just not enough power and also not the ideal wavelength for most metals).

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Hi @Omosha, @bob explained this very professionally. With the stronger laser, we can cut through a 3mm(maximum) thickness board. The range for laser engraving/cutting is a circle with a diameter of 220 mm (8.66 inches). You can check more specs here: https://ivi3d.com/specs