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Downloaded Mac versionof slicer

I downloaded the IVI slicer 1.6.2 software and my mac will not open it because it cannot verify it does not have Malware.

That has to do with your computer, your anti-virus/firewall, especially because this is unknown and new software.

Basically your antivirus or whatever you or Mac uses in general doesn’t recognize it (because new and nearly no users), so they think it might be malware or spyware. I don’t use Mac for a variety or reasons but because I don’t use it I don’t know how install it. I suggest you do a google/yahoo/bing/duckduckgo/whatever search to figure out how to circumvent this on Mac or get someone who’s more tech-savvy to help you.

Windows also gives a WARNING but I can still install it, maybe try reading the warning or whatever pop-up Mac gives

After you get the warning, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. In the bottom, you should see an option to open the application.

Ok will do, but this is a safe application :wink: ? You have it installed?

I have installed it and tested on my PC, looks safe when scanning it with a proper antivirus.

I like the software but it’s a bit limited for more advanced users (however they might still be working on it).

As a macOS developer, this is most likely from the developer not having the proper certifications from Apple’s developer program, kept themup-to-date or the components and code signing stages when the development system built the app were not setup. I haven’t used cross-platform built systems in the past 10 years so there might something there if it is built on a system like that.

I should download it and take a look. I prefer to use software that I am familiar with in the printing world but should get use to the software they are providing before I see a beta unit show up hopefully in a month or two.


You can always upload it to virustotal and have them check it, here is the link to it already scanned: VirusTotal

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To open an application on a Mac from an “Unknown” developer, right click the application and choose open. This will pop up a window asking if the application is safe. You can open the application and it’ll always open. Hope this helps!

Anyone have the link to the slicer software? Open to testing it out as well.


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Hi there, just past this in your terminal on mac :

xattr -cr /Applications/IVI\ 3licer.app

Then you can open it