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Fake Lazer prints displayed in KS campaign!

@Tiffany can you please explain to me how your able to use the IVI laser to cut out the jeep you have in your KS campaign. The sheets are rough measurements of 12" X 14" yet the IVI only has a build volume of 8.3" Dia…

If this turned out to be fake then this is fraud. One more reason to force Kickstarter to get our money back.

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Stop spreading this rubbish :exploding_head:

This linked video clearly shows that even the largest printed board is less than 8,4" x 8,4", the KS campaign picture shows also the relation of the jeep to the printer’s heat bed with the jeep being smaller

The only fake I see is your accusation :rofl:

You are aware you are only helping to prove my point… right??? So in the video you posted you can clearly see 2 different size boards. The smaller let’s say is 8.4" x 8.4". IVI’s bed size is only 8.3" Dia no with it being a circle for a print bed you would need a build plate of about 12.5" Dia to be able to hit all four corners like they did in said video. With a 8.3" Dia circle you can only touch the edged on a 5.9" square. As you see in the video that jeep is longer than 6"… so point proven…

Ok so as you can see in the video you posted asking for proof it’s on a board marked out in cm. So the proof is that the large square is 20cm square. Which would require you to have a minimum of 11.25" Dia to cut close to all 4 corners like they did. So there is your proof.

Lol. Let’s try again :rofl:

Has anyone considered that this was built on their first raspberry pi prototype version of IVI so maybe the build plate tolerance wasn’t tied down at this point or even constrained by the casing. Not sure what we are trying to prove here; that IVI used the prototype to cut this or another device. Either way I not sure how you think raising it will help the situation surely we should be hoping that the IVI team can get their required backing to supply everyone with that they pledged for or just walkaway now and right off this as just a Kickstarter project that failed.
I do feel that are proportion of backers that backed the project as if they were buying from an online shop and did not foresee and plan the risk of receiving nothing.
I can’t lie am disappointed as a concept I feel that was at the time a really good product but I have prepared myself that I will not see the IVI. I am only holding in there as it is not fully dead, but the chances the new investors if on board will take on the current order list is very unlikely, they will most likely rebadge and relaunch.

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It’s not about tolerances, the build volume as stated in the campaign from the very beginning is clearly larger than the board and if the this guy would have made his homework he could have realized that and wouldn’t have had to open such a silly thread.

As for the KS or Indigogo campaigns: it happens day in and day out that people do not realize they are not buying a finished product and a certain risk of failure exists.

As for IVI, I would be even willing to get the parts as a kit for self-assembling but have the same view regarding possible new investors as I have experienced this type of “consolidation” in other KS/IN projects where they started selling retail or going for another funding project to try to finish the original project successfully but still failed…

At least an update would be helpful…

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The reason I bring up the fact that you can not cut a 200mmx200mm square board with a 210 Dia build volume is to show that they have not been honest from the beginning. @todro I have done my home work. Draw a circle 210mm Dia and see if you can fit a 200mm x 200mm square thru it … Their are several images on there KS video that proves that it was not done with even the prototype. Like the large leather book the gal is holding, or the owl done on a 8.5 x 11" peice of paper. Beleave me I want this printer more that anything. I did the very early beta with all the tools and extra print heads. So I’m out almost a grand for this printer. I even won 3rd place in that contest to receive the addon camera so ya I want the printer but I also understand that it is a backing of someone else’s dream not a store. I hope like hell they get investors but I also want them to be honest with the capabilities of the printer

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However you can cut out ~20x8cm (19.4cm x 8 or 20cm x 6.4 or 18.97cm x 9), so yes you could make it fit if you wanted to.

Also how are you so sure that those marking are 1 cm each and not smaller or bigger?
Models can easily be resized to fit a certain volume.

IVI used to keep the windows open and then laser cut parts, moving them around to cut parts as big as possible. I even saw them showing that once somewhere, just can’t remember where. So I knew that’s how they did it. With the laser-cutting that isn’t an issue as there aren’t any really forces that would move the part around. It’s a different story with CNC though.

Listen if it can be proven that they really faked it, then kickstarter HAS to do something. I do not like half-assed or baseless claims, I’m not saying you’re completely wrong, because you COULD be right. However then it’s only usefull if it can reasonably proven.

Any counter argument I can come up with, can also be come up with a lawyer from kickstarter.

Also, I’m sure Kickstarter has contracts with users/projects waiving all liability anyways. Kickstarter isn’t going to do anything.


Yeah but that doesn’t entirely work the same in the EU as in the US.

I can’t write anything in a contract/TOS doesn’t mean that it will actually be accepted by the law. It’s very complicated and I’m not a lawyer just know that just because they might have one doesn’t mean it has to be valid.

If Kickstarter likes that or not. Problem is you don’t want to sue big companies like that because of the amount of money they have and how they’ll drag out the case for years on end, especially if it isn’t clear cut. If it’s clear cut and you have good proof then it becomes a bit easier though.

Yeah, but claiming you’re not responsible for the actions of projects isn’t that much of a stretch to put in a ToS. As long as it’s not something like “I am legally allowed to murder you”, it’s pretty much valid, isn’t it?

I don’t think Kickstarter ToS is invalid. And legally challenging that will take more time and money than I’m interested in.

It’s where it get’s complicated, because the promotion in a significant is provided by kickstarter. They show off all these stories of successful campaigns and let other campaigns promote with their logo/brand (Kickstarter, as in “now on Kickstarter”). Again laws vary a lot between countries and I don’t know the specifics. Usually if you want to have no liability then you can not have your brand used for the promotion of a product, as letting another company use your brand means you’re endorsing it. In the US that’s probably a different story, and in the EU it probably depends on the country.

Again not a lawyer and these things are extremely complicated, also I’m still going to wait a bit and see how it all plays out, curious to see if there will be an update in the next 2 weeks or not.


notice how in the “for developers” section, it says you can use their brand? There are plenty of ads which use the branding of other companies. Usage of a brand doesn’t imply endorsement, and it would never work in court.

It’s not a new thing.

It’s different and again US laws are not the same as EU.

Kickstarter is promoting campaigns, also by writing all these success stories, as in endorsing them. They are not the payment platform as they actually state so themselves.
Not saying it will hold up but trust me when I say it isn’t as straightforward and you would have to specifically look into European legislation. Not what a company says, definitely not US companies.