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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. When will 3D scanner and SLA module come out?
    —At the moment, we are focusing on the production of the first batch of IVI. We will share the timeline of SLA & 3D Scanning modules at a later time.

  2. What is the difference between 500mW and 2500mW laser?
    —The 2500mW laser head is stronger, capable of cutting thicker materials that the 500mW laser head cannot. With the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the 2500mW laser head can have its output lowered, so it can function as the 500mW laser head does.
    If you want to cut wood, you will need a 2500mW laser. The 500mW can only cut paper. Both laser heads can engrave on wood, bamboo, fabric, leather, plastic, paper, acrylic. But with the 2500mW head, you can engrave faster, and also you can engrave on black anodized aluminum.

  3. What is the recommended nozzle size for miniature prints? And what about the resolution?
    —For mini models like the owl, we recommend the 0.15 mm nozzle. For the DnD miniatures, 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, and 0.3 mm nozzles are all good. For the comparison of the different nozzles, please refer to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ivi3d/ivi-the-closed-loop-3d-printer/posts/2490577.

  4. How to replace nozzle?
    —IVI’s nozzle is designed with a standard M6X1 thread. You can replace the nozzle by yourself. Please remember to adjust the printing settings after replacement. If the design is changed during the optimization stage, we will notify all users with the new specs.

  5. Would it be okay for your product to export to EU, USA, and other countries?
    —Yes, we will apply for all the necessary certificates for export.

  6. What is the build volume for 3d printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving respectively?
    —CNC: Φ180 x 50 mm (Φ7.1 x 1.9 inches); FDM 3D Printing: Φ210 x 220 mm (Φ8.3 × 8.6 inches); Laser Engraving: Φ210 mm (Φ8.3 inches).

  7. Will there be any way to open the door so ‘oversized’ items may be laser engraved?
    —The maximum laser cut/engrave area is the same as FDM printing, a circle of 210 diameters ( 8.3 inches diameters ). But the object you like to engrave can be a little bigger than that as long as you can find a way to place it inside the printer.

  8. Will 2500mW laser cut acrylic? I’ll use this product for acrylic plate cutting (3mm). I can buy acrylic sheets with sticks paper on them. Does that allow easier cutting?
    —IVI can laser engrave on acrylic. Laser cutting acrylic is yet to be tested.

  9. Is there customs tax on this product?
    —The customs tax is dependent on your country. For example, there is no customs tax for shipping to the U.S. at the moment while there are different customs taxes for EU countries. The customs tax will be charged after it occurs.

  10. Is IVI compatible with Mosaic Palette to realize multi-color printing?
    —Judging from the specs of Mosaic Palette, we think IVI is compatible with it to realize multi-color printing. But this is not tested.

  11. When will IVI set up a community for discussion?
    —We just set up one community on our website. Please join us and discuss technical issues with fellow IVIers: https://forum.ivi3d.com/

  12. Is it possible to add fume & dust extractor to this 3d printer?
    —We are optimizing the structural design so that you can add an extractor to solve the fume & dust issues.

  13. Is it possible to add a cover for laser or SLA?
    —Yes, we are planning to add a protective cover for the laser module. SLA module is not released yet, we will take the safety issue into consideration when finalizing its design.

  14. Does IVI have a heated bed?
    —Yes, IVI has a separate heated bed (maximum temp 130 ℃) and a carbon fiber bed. The carbon fiber bed is placed on top of the heated bed. Prints can be easily removed by pulling up the carbon fiber bed and gently bending it.

  15. Where to buy the printer and parts?
    —We will set up an optional sales channel and notify our subscribers when it is ready. Please subscribe to our newsletter on our website if you haven’t done so. Currently, our focus is to deliver IVI to every backer from the Kickstarter campaign.

  16. How does IVI work when there is no Internet connection?
    —When there is no Internet connection, you can use a 3rd party slicer to slice the model and then connect with the printer via LAN or USB cable to print.

  17. What type of filaments does IVI support?
    —IVI uses non-proprietary filament. It comes with a heated bed that enables you to print with 1.75mm PLA, ABS, HIPS, TPU, PVA, etc.

  18. Can it be used with a 3rd party slicer or will it be proprietary?
    —Yes. You can use other slicer software, including Cura, Simplify 3D and Slic3r. IVI has its own slicer software which is cloud-based. All you need to do is to upload the model and IVI’s slicer will provide auto-slicing for you.

  19. How does IVI connect with the computer? Do I need USB cable or SD card?
    —IVI can connect with your PC or mobile devices through the Internet or LAN. You can also use the USB connection or SD cards.

  20. Will there be any user manuals or video tutorials?
    —Yes. We will provide a Quick Start Guide and video tutorial for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. This includes unboxing, assembly, use of software, use cases, etc.

  21. What power supply unit will be shipped with this printer? Will it work in my country?
    —The provided power supply unit can run on 100-240V AC, and can be used universally throughout the world. It can accommodate different AC mains voltages with interchangeable connectors.

  22. Will IVI offer warranty and after-sales support?
    —Yes. We will provide technical support and after-sales service for printers purchased by supporters during crowdfunding. The warranty period for the main body and hardware is: 180 days from the date you receive the printer.
    a. We will guarantee all modules and the major parts. We will verify and release the details of the warranty after we do thorough testing during pre-production.
    b. For consumables like the nozzle and CNC bit, we will provide a free extra nozzle and bit as replacement parts.

  23. When will the cloud-based system and auto-slicing function be realized?
    —Currently, the cloud-based system and auto-slicing capability are still in development. Auto-slicing is part of the cloud-based system. We have verified the feasibility of auto-slicing and it can already automatically provide the best printing position by identifying model features. But it still requires a lot of perfecting before we can launch officially. By the time we release, you will no longer have to spend your time and effort configuring printing parameters.
    The cloud platform has been used within the team for more than three months. Although the UI is not yet perfect, the basic functions have been implemented (which completely outperform other slicing software on the market). What’s more, it has functions that are not available through other slicing software, including file management, and automatically associating STL and printing parameters with Gcode. This means that you can quickly find any Gcode straight from the STL file, and get all the printing parameters through the Gcode. The remaining mission for the cloud-based system is to optimize the UI and improve performance. In about six months, which is also the time all the backers receive the printer, it will be ready for use.

  24. Does IVI have a cooling system?
    —Yes, IVI has a cooling system. Inside IVI, there are two turbofans with 7.7 CFM airflow for circulating the heat inside the printer. When Joel Telling from 3D Printing Nerd was testing the prototype in January, the fan was a little far away from the print head and it didn’t directly blow towards the print model, which largely affects the heat dissipation effect. We have been working on solving this problem ever since and it has been solved now.

  25. Does IVI have a heated bed?
    —Yes, IVI has a separate heated bed and carbon fiber bed. The carbon fiber bed is placed on top of the heated bed. Prints can be easily removed by pulling up the carbon fiber bed and gently bending it.

  26. How to pledge accessories? / I missed the Kickstarter campaign, where can I buy IVI as soon as possible?
    —The Kickstarter campaign ended, but we haven’t confirmed order through Pledge Manager. If you are backer, you can add additional accessories to your order during the Pledge Manager survey. If you missed the campaign, you can leave your email address to us, and we can send you the survey to order.

  27. Can I set different printing speeds for the different parts of print model? For example, if I print a cat, can I set different printing speed on tips and head?
    —You can set the printing speed manually for different sections of the model file during slicing.
    Please note that the different sections/parts mean the sections of the print model file, including infill, wall, support, raft, etc.

  28. The laser head allows engraving on black anodized aluminum. Will it engrave any other metals?
    —The laser head allows engraving on black anodized aluminum, and it cannot engrave on metals directly. But if the metal is coated by resin/paint, the laser head can engrave on the coating. The reason why the laser head cannot engrave on metals is that 1) the max power of the laser head is limited to 2500mW, which is insufficient to work on metals; 2) metals reflect the laser beam thus weakening the laser power.


How will placement work when using the laser engraver? Will we need to center ourselves or will we be able to use the camera?

Hi DragunBonz, thanks for your question. Two datum points will be set up on the work table for positioning. And we probably will upgrade the software to verify the path beforehand.

I see the printer is compatible with the Cura slicing program. Will there be interface/setup info published to make this possible?

Can the nozzle be swapped easily or will the entire head need to be replaced?

Hi tae0019, thanks for your question. Our printer is compatible with the Cura slicing program, but it is not listed on the Cura software at the moment. We will provide a configuration file for users to set up IVI on Cura.

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Hi nathan, thanks for your question. The print head can be swapped easily, it just needs to be taken down and put on. We adopt the pogo pin and magnet to make swap so easily. However, the nozzle swap is more complicated, you need to loosen the screw to take it down. And if the nozzle is used, there might be a plastic waste, you need to heat up nozzle to melt the plastic and then unscrew the nozzle. We don’t recommend green hands to swap nozzle on their own in case of any injury or component damage.

But it’s not going to be any different from swapping nozzles on any other printer? Is it an E3D MY thread style nozzle or something different?

Hey, is there any information on how the auto bed level works? I haven’t seen a breakdown or demonstration of it.

Hi betweenlimits, IVI has a miniature photoelectric switch sensor on the print head for the leveling of the bed.

Hi Nathan, we use E3D V6 thread. There is no big difference on nozzle swapping.

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@Tiffany Could we see how automated bed lvling works ?

Hi marcin.pieta, thank you for asking. We will display the function during guidance video shooting.

Correct me if I am wrong, but we will be receiving a camera with our printer. Also would there be any benefit to getting the second camera, or is that more for the scanning feature?

Hi @DragunBonz, yes, all backers will receive a camera for monitoring the printer instead of 3D scanning. You don’t need the second camera for monitoring the printer. If you want to achieve 3D scanning function, you can add a 3D scanning module later when it is available.