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Filament Tests (Community)

Hello backers! I thought I would create a community based materials thread. My idea here is to offer a place where users, especially those new to or inexperienced with 3D printing, can become more informed about printable materials by requesting samples and input about specific filaments. If you’re interested in general information about materials, rather than a specific filament, there are already some great write ups out there, I’ll link a few at the bottom here.

If there’s a specific filament a member here wants to know about, please leave a comment beginning with [REQUEST], state the specific filament you’re interested in (brand, material, line, color, etc), and why you’re interested in it. For example: “[REQUEST] Hatchbox ABS true orange, interested in using it as a clamp.”

If anybody has that material and is willing to help out, or has used it before, they might be able to share pictures from an existing print or even print a small sample. They could evaluate it and tell you how well it performs for a similar function, if it was easy to print, if it feels like a quality material, etc. Or, if they know of a good review already, they could share it too.

Please do be realistic. Don’t expect people to go and buy a spool and print a 20 hour print for you. But I hope that people who have questions about filaments might be able to get some feedback before they go to buy it, or can choose one they’ll be happier with.

Links to a few material guides, ordered from least to most specific:

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Hi BrettJP, thank you. I think your propose is nice and worth a try. We can promote it to all backers and see how it goes in the future. It would be helpful for users to pick filament before they try by themselves.