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Galaxy note 10's 3d scanning

looks like galaxy note 10 will include real time 3d scanning function, I wonder what kind of resolution it will have. does IVI have any update on its 3d scanner as well?


Wow! Thanks for that demo. I hope that is real and nothing staged. I wonder how accurate it is. I need precision. I guess they use the sensors to monitor your movement around the object.

I will have to get this phone if this is good as claimed. I would still get the IVI scanner to capture smaller models if it’s more precise.

note 10+ have a depth sensor to detect part distance, the normal note 10 don’t have that function so if you do get it get the plus version

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Some YouTubers have demonstrated this Note10+ feature and the result is garbage in my opinion. They were really excited and many comments said it was amazing. What you get is a very inaccurate clay blob of the object. The texture mapping is fairly impressive and that does a lot to trick the eye. In some cases, it might be enough for casual digital use only, but trying to use the model and replicate with a print will fail. Note10+ ToF 3D scanner is no better than my current laser edge->camera 3D scanners.

So my hope goes back to IVI’s 3D scanning function. We desire precise scans.

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@Turbo, thanks for sharing this with fellows. We will keep you updated on the progress of 3D scanner in the future.