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How much fumes will there be?

Now that you are nearing the end, what is the fumes like when printing, cnc and the lazer. Planning where to set this up when it arrives. What are the safety factors to consider?


I have not encountered any really notable fumes using PLAin printing. I have not tried other materials so best to check on those before using.

With laser cutting or engraving the fumes will depend upon the material your are cutting/engraving. Way experience with most wood is there is a fair amount of smoke and i would avoid doing it near living quarters of any type. I typically run that in my shop/garage.

Regarding CNC, I have only done limited amounts with wood. No smoke - just the smell of cut wood, chips and sawdust. But that too could vary depending upon use and material.

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We will upload the tutorial of IVI 3D printer on our website soon. There safety warnings and general guide.

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Was wondering the same thing. I know ABS has fumes that are toxic and every laser cutter I’ve seen has an exhaust tube due to the smoke.

At this point I’m more interested in the laser. My FDM printing has almost halted since I got my resin printer.

You’ll have some smoke/fumes, not all are toxic as it depends on the material.
Wood for sure is fine and acrylic should be fine (but check).
NEVER EVER laser cut PVC (toxic chlorines will be released).

Just check per material regarding laser cutting, no one can tell you if they don’t know what you’re cutting.
Also just put a vacuum next to it and it should remove most if you’re worried about smell (or smoke detectors if you’re doing A LOT of cutting/engraving).

Laser cutting is fairly fast, usually 30 min at most, engraving I would guess tops 1 hour.


Thanks bob, that info was helpful.

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