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Ideas or wishes

For ideas and wishes

Extra stepper motor port.

    • For rotary motor for 4 axis CNC.
    • Rotary 4 axis 3D printing.
    • Provide rotary axis for 3D laser scanning.

Maybe multiple output header for various mods extensions :slight_smile:


Scanner head ASAP please


Hi @marcin.pieta Mind elaborate on your idea? :slight_smile:

@john The 3D Scanning module is already within their timeline to perfect it after fulfilling the KS rewards :slight_smile:


Idea wise … I am wondering, would it be possible to manufacture and offer 0.05mm or 0.1mm nozzle?
I know with their 0.15mm nozzle, it already can get excellent detailed print. But wonder if smaller nozzle can get even detailed small print closed to a SLA printer?! But without the messy SLA printer liquid :stuck_out_tongue:

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As its standard fitting you can buy of the shelf 0.1 nozzle.

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@Bryan you now I would like to have additional light I connect it and can control it through software as hmm on/off , pwm, rgb, IR Led driver additional fans etc. All easily achievable using arduino :slight_smile: software vise just some sliders on/off switches, plus additional board for messing with additional voltages.


I have been printing with nylon recently. It was taken around 18 hours and after a few hours since the beginning, the filament has got moisture. In one word - start and end of printing got different.

I think it’s a good possibility to have a warming feature in the chamber with a filament. Could this to appear at IVI like upgrade option?

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I got an idea, but I didn’t see anything like this, so I give a try.

Is it possible to make a painting tool to automatically paint printed models/miniatures?

So, once the miniature is printed, we could switch the heads to paint the miniature.


Love the idea, but sounds very technical…

Hi @Briut , IVI has the enclosed chamber, with the heated bed, the chamber will keep warm.

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OK, I’m curious to check it out.

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I also wish upon a star for the scanner module!

I wish they make this a successful story and end up delivering all printers :smiley::wink:

+1 on the scanning (which I am pretty sure they will develop)

Would also like to see a dual nozzle print head…


@Bryan At such small sizes, the heat of the nozzle going back and forth by itself could bring the plastic back into its glass transition point and distort your prints. There is also the greatly increased print time, Larger g-code file sizes from the greatly increased count of instructions.

I’m not too sure how well the increased pressures would be either. (Those are just issues I could think of off the top of my head for the post…I’m not claiming to know for certain)

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@souel I don’t really know if you’d really want to contend with a bunch of paint overspray all over your enclosed build chamber.

I think this is possible to have it now. Vacuum extractor holder on the CNC head. So that we can fix the vacuum pipe to suck all the disk out. Just a small plastic ring to capture the dust.


Would it be possible to see a time laps video of a 3D print pushing the maximum print size? I’d love to see how big a print can be and how well it performs!


I saw early on there was talk of adding a 3D scanner so you could replicate small models. Is this still in the works?