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Of course not, but there should be an alternative way.

@ John, Yes’ that is The Good Idear!

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@Briut - I suggest as a side product or accessory a humidity controlled cabinet for the filament. In the delivery tube it will not spend much time, so as long as the roll is kept in moisture controlled ambience, those problems with the changes to print quality will be eliminated. I also keep my opened stock of filaments in a cabinet with dehumidifier built in. It doesn’t have to be lab grade, but a Peltier cooled water water circulation inside will work. My lady friend even keeps her cosmetics in a wine fridge at constant 15°C to prevent spoiling or separation of the components in the Australian summer.


After seeing another thread discuss adhesion, I remembered they used a drilled bed for a few prints with more difficult materials. I imagine the CF bed they are including is made to have a smooth finish. I’d like to see a textured option available for sale after or even during the fulfillment process.

Also, with some people’s wishes above regarding lighting. Maybe they could include a small mounting point for users to add rPi’s and an attachment to power the board and an accessory. They wouldn’t have to slow anything down by adding more hardware, but we could still add those things if we want to.



I would also love to have a header point where I could at a minimum have access to 5,12, or 24 V and ground, to allow for lighting or just attaching a RPi Zero or similiar

If it allowed a user to attach a camera if you are not putting one in there it would also be great.

Having some mechanical mounting points would be awesome as well, they could be as simple as 5mm holes where one could insert heat set inserts or some threaded holes to allow people to mount stuff to the top of the chamber.


+10 for the scanning module.


I have an idea for a future add-on module, after the campaign. I think a 4th axis add-on would be possible. Working volume would be somewhat limited of course. I would imagine it would be mounted onto a plate to stay centered. CNC might be difficult (not impossible though), FDM being the more likely application to use it with. Given that IVI will have it’s own cloud software, finding a compatible program won’t be an issue as it can be developed in-house.

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If the platen is double sided, one side could be smooth the reverse could be textured, with either side clipped on using magnets.
However, making that may be costlier than having one each of smooth and textured platen.

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Nylon is hygroscopic and attracts water moisture to both the surface of filament as well as it’s core… Best way to remove moisture is with vacuum dryer…

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Yes, it is a good idea with a vacuum. I’ve checked some solutions (with 0-0.2 bar) and find that it too tricky for home appliance. Maybe I will try to remake a simple food dryer to a chamber with such device and moisture/temperature sensors.

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What an interesting device that appears to contain Desiccant Crystals & Internal Heater used for desiccant regeneration…

Some Vac Dryer manufactures use a small Vacuum Venturi Generators that will lower the “Boiling Point of Water Vapor” temperature to quickly remove / reduce moisture content of plastic pellets before being converting them into products via extrusion or injection molding.

They create this vacuum within a closed hopper filled with the plastic pellets.

Vacuforce CV10H CV Vacuum Venturi Generator, 1.0 mm Nozzle, 26.5" Hg

  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Single Stage Technology
  • Vacuum Flow Rates up to 8CFM
  • Maximum Vacuum of 27"Hg

CV Vacuum Venturi • Anodized Aluminum Body• All Metal Construction• Maximum Vacuum of 27”Hg• Vacuum Flow Rates up to 8 CFM• Single Stage Technology• HSK Models Include Part Presence Switch Switch.

When used in production applications -

Maybe do you meant such a device for everyday use?
I think it takes extra cost and place at home. But for fast drying, the vacuum is still an interesting solution.

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The biggest downside I see is size restriction. I don’t think it’d be possible to fit upgradable extension of the printable volume.

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The above Vacuum pump, and chamber would be an excellent way to dry your hygroscopic filaments such as Nylon, ABS, Urethane, Polyester, Carbon Fiber, High Temperature Resins, and several Flexible SEB materials.

Moisture within and on the surface of the filament used can effect several properties of the various resins. Physically impacting properties, cause polymer degradation, changes flow index of polymer, reduces surface quality, lower bondability to previous layer, and ultimate break down of polymer chains…

Many times to improve surface quality of injection molded & extruded parts, even basic polyolefin are dried.

I just saw a new way of finishing top srufaces has come out from a german University.
I allows a much nicer finish on non flat surfaces.

Since a github repository is available for the source code this code could be implemented into the slicer software of the IVI. There’s even a master thesis about it.


Excellent way to improve surface & speed !
Thanks for sharing this new technology…

Hi, who can say anything about the “Klipper” for use in the IVI? I heard that this microcode is faster and more convenient than “Marlin”.

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I just want a nice working printer, I have never used an fdm printer so I don’t have any ideas to add. I currently own a resin printer so I’m curious to see how their version of the sla module works.

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