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IVI's Default Print Head

Dear IVIers,

As requested by many of you, we had a survey on deciding IVI’s default nozzle size. According to your voting in the survey, we are now announcing that all IVI 3D Printers will come with a 0.3 mm default print head. According to our previous printing tests, 0.3 mm is the best compromise between printing speed and quality.

The survey ran from May 28 to June 7. Among all the 2453 backers, 1332 backers voted. 1328 voted via Google Form, 4 voted via Private Message & Email. Below are the voting records.

Private Message & Email: 0.3 mm (3 votes), 0.4 mm (1 vote);

Google Form Survey:

In summary, here are what this voting result means:

  1. All the backers will receive the IVI 3D Printer with a 0.3 mm print head;

  2. If you pledged extra print head(s) during the Kickstarter campaign, you can let us know your preferred nozzle size in our next Pledge Manager survey. The survey is planned to be sent out within a month;

  3. If you want to add additional print heads, you can also do so in the next Pledge Manager survey;

  4. The extra print heads, either pledged during Kickstarter or ordered during Pledge Manager, will be shipped to you together with the printer as well;

  5. Besides the 0.3 mm default print head, Very Early Beta Adopters will get one extra 0.15 mm print head for functionality testing.

We are grateful for all the backers who took part in this survey and we will continue working hard to keep up the good communication between us.


This is just make sense as 0.3 mm as default since the main point of project is high accuracy and resolution. I am looking forward to what is the print speed IVI can archived

Hi, the print speed of IVI is 30 - 200 mm/s, and the print head travel speed is 30 - 300 mm/s.

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