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Welcome to share your laser engraved work here with the IVIers all over the world. Let’s see what is IVI capable of. :wink:


I’m currently working on a Laser engraved image of a comic book. I started it at 2:00 and it’s 10:00 now. (estimated time was supposed to be 5 hours, but it’s taking significantly longer.) So far it does look really good though. I’m engraving on a white tile, painted with glossy black paint. Hopefully there are some settings I can mess with to increase the time to engrave things.

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A couple laser etchings I did. One from one of my favorite comic book artists, and the other is my mom, dad, and their dog. I’m going to ship it to them later, since we live in different states now.


I tried out the laser! I used the tiger that was preloaded. It came out nice. I tried paper, then a bamboo cutting board!

I think both turned out well. Now I just have to learn to upload them from other sources and have them turn out well!


I don’t know if this is the right space, but can people upload their Laser Engraving settings and times to engrave? The estimated time on the LCD is not accurate at all it seems. I’m using the default settings, and Engraving times are way higher than they should be. But if it’s a problem with my settings, then sharing those settings will help everyone.

Hi @david.vonraesfeld , the actual engraving time usually longer than the time displayed on LCD. The time on LCD is estimated based on the lines of Gcode. In actual use, there is some normal pause during the engraving which you cannot feel. And these pause times cannot be estimated.

Besides, “Beta Adopter Space” is the category to discuss testing experience.

Thanks for the reply Tiffany. I get that an estimated time will never really be accurate (after my job, I even stopped giving "estimated times entirely) but when it says it should take 1.5 hours, then is still working past 7 hours, it seems like something isn’t right.

When it does complete though, the results are really good. I actually did another etching of my Grandpa and his wife, It took 7+ hours, but it’s a good gift for them.


Wow! Well done! It is full of details. It would be a very nice gift! Regarding the engraving time, we have one question: did you sliced using the IVI slicer or third-party slicer?

Using the IVI slicer. It works pretty well. It sends the files to the printer, but you can’t run from the slicer even though there are buttons to do that.

Could you please send the Gcode to us (tiffany@ivi3d.com)? We want to see the engraving time from our end and try to find out the reason.

Regarding the slicer, thank you for the feedback. We will disable the button shortly. For now, IVI slicer can transfer Gcode to the printer, but cannot start print directly.

Ok, I’ll send it to you when I start my computer up again tomorrow.

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Are there plans to eventually be able to print from the slicing software? It would be more convenient for a lot of people. (I also started printing some stands for the tiles I have engraved. I was a little worried that the weight may be too much, but the stands work great.

Thank you for sharing. Print from PC is in the plan. :slight_smile:


Those look fantastic!
Noob qn: any concern of starting fire when using the laser on easily burnt objects like paper?

yes you could potentially set paper on fire if you aren’t carefull.

Had some time to work on some engraving, after some excruciating long hours at work every day. The tile image (black) looked pretty good. The Acrylic is much harder to work with. While the image looks good, I get some burns on the surface, and inside the Acrylic itself. Still it looks pretty cool. I printed the Acrylic, at 80% power, and printed on top of a thin wooden square. The laser will just go through the clear Acrylic if there is nothing underneath it.


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