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Very minor non-printer related item.

Whenever I log into the forum, I also get an email with an external login link. Since i’m already logged in, the purpose of the login link makes no sense unless perhaps I lost my password.

I’m not seeing anywhere in my preferences where I can disable the feature, and I’m curious if anyone else (or everyone?) is experiencing the same thing and its just one of those forum software features that just is what it is.

Hi, you want to login in this forum with your mail and password? Without an external login link?

If this is your question, you can set your password in your profile.

If it is so, I can explain you how to set your password.

Answer as soon as possible to help you.

That is exactly what I want to do. And, cannot find where I can either save a password, or, turn off email login link.

Ok. Well, go to your profile with this two click:

And in the page you find this:


Click on Send Password Reset Email and go to your email.

Write your password. End :slight_smile:

But that just resets my password, right? My password is fine, I don’t need to reset it…I want to turn off the email link I get everytime I log in.

I’ve attached a pic. The message in the green bar, and the ensuing email I get allowing me to log in with one click, is what I want to turn off.

I’m not seeing where I have any option to do so. Its not a huge issue, just seems like I’d have the option of turning off that feature.

Hi DonFL, we have changed the settings. Please check if it is okay now. If not, please forward the email with the external login link to us at support@ivi3d.com.

Yes, that fixed it.

Was it a global setting for the forum, or was there a setting within my profile that I simply did not see?

I had the same problem and I solved it with the function set password in my profile.
I showed the steps in the previous message.
I set a new password and now I can login in the forum with email and password, without email login link.

I didn’t try that, as it didn’t make sense that just resetting my password would turn off the feature, but it does sound like that is one option. And whatever Helen did on the backend, that took care of it for me.