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[Manufacturing] The progress of IVI's manufacturing

Dear backers,

A few days before we launch on Kickstarter, two of the initial molds for extruding the aluminum profile was already finished. On the 18th April, the extruded aluminum profile was tested and extruded. Elvis supervised the whole process.

500 KG of aluminum alloy ingot was used to be extruded using the two initial molds. (To control the cost, we randomly choose some of the extruded parts for testing and processing and the rest is meltdown to use again). The extruded parts’ length is 10 meters long to test the stability and 9 of them are for the frame of IVI and 12 of them are for the stand column of IVI. Elvis randomly chooses one from each and cut one meter each from the front, middle and end sections of the entire extruded aluminum part.

The video of cutting one of the frame parts into pieces ( Turn down the volume to watch the video).

Cutting another part.

The cut section is re-segmented with a length of 40mm and 450mm. The purpose is to measure the dimensional deviation of the profile extruded by the mould at different extrusion stages, verify the conformity of the extruded profile, and confirm whether the mold can meet our requirements, determine whether the mold needs to be modified and when to take the mold for hard coating to enhance the strength and stability of the extrusion mold.

Elvis then sent the 40mm and 450mm sections to the supplier of the machining process. This is to allow the machining supplier to confirm the machining plan based on the actual extruded material and determine the positioning and clamping plan that meets our production requirements and prepare for subsequent mass production. Elvis will speed up the pace for IVI’s mass production and continue to supervise the whole production process for the small batch of trial production of IVI’s frame.

More photos from the factory.

10 meter long extruded part

Those two parts can be used to cut into blocks needed for IVI’s frame.

The two parts will fit together like this way.

Cutting the bigger part of IVI’s frame.

Finally, all the parts have been cut into the right length.

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