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New user addons question

Now that the survey is coming out, I need to make a final decision on my add on print heads. With the .3 being the default included, I had been thinking of also ordering a .4 since this is brand new to me and a .2 for maybe eventually doing some detail jobs. But now they have added the .15 as well.

Looking for recommendations from the more experienced users. Does my thinking make sense? Should I drop the .2 and get the .15 instead? Is the .4 even worth bothering with?

I don’t really know what we are likely to be printing. My wife is a crafting fanatic, so realistically, she will probably use it more than me. We’ll be adding the 2500w laser and the cnc as well although not sure how much use the cnc will actually get. Thank you for any help.


My plan is to just get the default nozzle and not add any others. This is because I plan on buying nozzles in the future that are made of a different material, brass is cheap but wears out quickly dependent on the type of material you are printing with. Other materials include: tungsten carbide, ruby, stainless/hardened steel, etc.

I suggest that you don’t order any additional nozzle sizes right away, the default included is a great starter nozzle. If you want to try one down the road, they’re easy enough to buy new ones to replace it with. I also contacted IVI awhile ago and they confirmed that the nozzle uses standard M6 thread, so it is easily interchangeable.


My two cents:

I think the idea of a second print head is smart. I chose to do so to have a second nozzle size ready to go any time, and to have a spare if anything breaks. While a warranty is offered, I’d like to continue printing while I wait for a replacement instead of just waiting, and the warranty isn’t a very long period. I don’t think have several is necessary, because yes, you can swap nozzles. That’s what I planned on doing, have my next size ready on my spare, whatever size it is.

As for the CNC attachment, I was just watching Joel Telling’s video from RAPID + TCT 2019, and somebody with a multifunctional machine used theirs to smooth off the layer lines on a print, and then carve their logo into it. With some skill with modeling, I can picture users shaving off layer lines on small models before painting them. Also, you say your wife is a crafting fanatic, if she sells things on Etsy or anything like that, you could carve a logo onto products or carve personalized cards to ship with products.

I went the other direction, and got the 0.4.

Wayyyy too much agonizing and overthinking on my part as to do I go with smaller or larger, and decided as a relative newbie to 3d printing, and not knowing exactly what I would be printing, going smaller than 0.3 might be overkill. I decided if I’m doing finer detail printing than I expect, and need to add the 0.2 or smaller, I’ll know soon enough when I need to do that.

Said another way, I had to flip a coin and decide…would I rather be saying to myself in 6 months “I wish I had gotten the 0.2”, or “I wish I had gotten the 0.4”…either way, the result is the same…I’ll be buying a third head.

Being relatively new, I think sticking with 0.4 is smart. Unless you’re getting this to start printing lots of minis, having a nozzle capable of putting down more material faster will make it more fun for you. 3D printing is not lightning quick, waiting for your model to print can be agonizing if you’re excited for it. Having the 0.4 instead of a 0.2 or even 0.15 will be the difference between waiting 8-10 hrs for you model, and a couple days. You’ll have much more fun, and as others have said, you’ll have an easier time with support since it’s pretty much the standard size in the industry.

I’m getting a 0.15mm head add-on for small miniature prints (action figures) that need detail. Depends on your use case. I’m planning for the 0.3mm will be able to handle my general and large prints. If you want the quickest prints that don’t need fine detail, then 0.4mm is what you want.

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