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News on Kickstarter Updates

Dear IVIers,

This is Tiffany from IVI Team, I am a new member of IVI team working with Helen on Marketing.
Welcome to join IVI’s forum. Next, we will build up the forum together to make it helpful to every user.
As you may have noticed, we copied some major updates from the Kickstarter campaign, including project progress, testing, hardware & software, etc, to keep information consistency.
In the near future, we will update some basic 3D printing knowledge for new beginners to get started, also the content that users want to be informed. Please do not hesitate to share your valuable suggestions and ideas with us, we are always listening.

For your convenience, below is the collection of previous updates:

[Filament] IVI Prints with TPU
[Filament] IVI Prints with ABS
[Filament] IVI Prints with POM or Acetal or Delrin
[Filament] IVI Prints with Polycarbonate (PC)
[Filament] IVI Prints with PETG
[Filament] IVI Prints with Nylon

IVI CNC Carving Walnut
IVI CNC Carving Acrylic
IVI CNC Carving Wood

Kickstarter and Autodesk FDM Test Result
Autodesk Test with 30 mm & 40 mm Fans
Comparison of IVI Prints at 300 mm/s VS 30 mm/s
IVI’s Different Nozzle Print Heads

Project Progress:
[Manufacturing] The progress of IVI’s manufacturing
[Outsourcing] IVI’s Cooperation with Allchips
Stretch Goals Rewards
Why You Choose IVI?
IVI’s Default Print Head

[R&D] Development process of IVI’s motion controller
A Quick Look at IVI’s Extruder
IVI’s Cooling System

IVI’s Cloud-based Auto-slicer

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

New Ideas:
3 Axis Probe Head


Hi Tiffany

Is there any updates for the progress on the printer at this time?


Hi jciprian60, sorry to keep you waiting. We plan to publish an update for the progress by this week.

Yes please I think we are eaglerly looking forward to updates

I would love to hear how it is going. A progress update would be great.

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Hi @bob, we will share the photos and other details of the 4 new prototypes in late September.