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[Outsourcing] IVI's Cooperation with Allchips

As the brain of IVI, the control board plays a key role in ensuring IVI’s precise movement. In order to ensure high quality, undelayed, and sufficient production of IVI’s control board, we need to purchase all the electronic components in the board before mass production. If you have made circuit boards and purchased components before, you would know that purchasing hundreds of different components is very cumbersome and time-consuming. We need to inquire from different suppliers to compare the costs. And we need to ensure the correctness of the models, avoiding the delay caused by mistaken purchasing.

It is common practice to recruit one or several people who are solely responsible for the procurement of components. But for IVI, this is not the best solution. As a startup company, we cannot afford to hire many people. It is especially expensive to hire those who have a lot of experience in purchasing electronic components.

In the end, the best solution for us is to work with professional BOM supplier – Allchips. There are many advantages of cooperating with them:

  • One-stop components supply. Allchips can help us to find all electronic components in our BOM list, and provide a quotation. Allchips has more than 30 professionals with 5 years’ experience in the purchasing team. They can help us to find all the electronic components parts we need.
  • Cost calculation. With their large database and intelligent analysis, we can get a rapid quotation. What is more, we are able to see what’s the main cost in the BOM and adjust the electronic components parts to meet the budget.
  • Replacement solution. For the shortage of parts in the production process and cannot be bought within a short period of time or the EOL (End of life) parts, Allchips will intelligent provided us with Suggested Substitutes.
  • Risk Management. Allchips can figure out whether our part No. is single supply channel, out of production, out of stock or meets environment standards in advance. These factors and others are the greatest potential risk against the project. According to their analysis, we can make a safe and appropriate plan for the project through a long-term view.

Office of Allchips’ purchasing department

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We believe, with the help of Allchips, the IVI team can purchase all components more efficiently and cost-effectively. This in turn will ensure the mass production of IVI control boards.