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Polar coordinates versus classical Xand Y with a Z height thrown in

I consider this printer breakthrough technology with the novel driving method. Kudos to the developers for going out of the box. I am of the mind that the method of positioning the print head using polar coordinates is a massive improvement that allows for easier feedback and superior control!! I am a very early pledger with $750, I think, and I want to give more. I have turned on 6 of my geek buddies to this printer and universal machine. I can not wait to get it. I ALSO want to make laser etched labels for my products here https://www.tacticalflowmeter.com and they can be metal or plastic but I want to get suggestions about it. Can you show some labels like those on motors and instruments like mine?? What about etching with a diamond burr?? Labels are a big part of making commercial products. Show pet tags too. Great work guys and gals!!!