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Progress and ship dayes

Hi there,

With high anticipation for ivi, how is the progress coming along? Have you encountered new hiccups or are you still on schedule for the target ETA?


Following this. Super excited

I am equally interested,
being in Perth Western Australia i can expect minor delay’s during shipping…

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Hi there,
I’m also interested if the shipping schedule is still according to plan. Would be great to test it out soon…

I really enjoyed how you posted videos of the manufacturing process for the aluminum rails. Will we be getting more videos of that process going forward? I know right now it’s about forming partnerships with companies and working with experts. We’d love to get another interview video with the founders of the company to give a quick update on how you’re doing with this whole process!

Yup. Just got mine, really excited to see how this pans out!

Dear all, I am sincerely sorry for the late reply. Totally understand how eager you are to hear about our progress. At the moment, things are going okay even though it is not as fast as we expected. There might be some delays in the final shipping time but we are not sure about the exact time yet. We will keep you all updated once there is a more comprehensive plan.


Have any units shipped (Beta)? I apologize in advance for not knowing if so.
My concern is that there may be too many features planned/included in the first release. Features extend time due to obvious needs for testing, UAT, re-manufacture, additional parts, programming, more testing. I dont know that this is the case, but I get the feeling the request for information in this regard could put this product in a never ending dev mode. In my view its OK to ship models with base capabilities with accessories and upgrade available later in the development cycle. Again, this may be happening and I am just not in that information loop.

Hi clark.stacey, no unit has been shipped. All rewards are estimated to be delayed for about 2 months at the moment. We are refining the printer for production. And to be ready in advance for production, we are building another 4 prototypes, putting all factors for mass production into consideration.

You can check this update for more detailed information about the delay. A more detailed timeline will be shared once the four new prototypes are made. We will share the progress along the way. Sincerely sorry about the waiting at this stage. We will hold the principle of “quality first” while improving everything in an efficient way.

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@Helen any new news on the 4 prototypes or shipping dates?

Hi @bluedragons, according to the plan of the R&D team, we are expecting to have the 4 prototypes ready for testing in mid-Sep or late Sep and more details with be shared with all of you. We are very sorry about the waiting and thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


Hi Helen,

Would it be possible to publish a timeline of the progress of the new prototypes from where we are at the moment to the first production run, and keep us all up to date.


Hi Robin,

We are very sorry about the waiting for a new timeline. We wanted to share the news when things are more clear after the testing and the new timeline will be more reliable. Letting you down is the last thing we want. Here is a rough plan of how much time is needed for each step in the next few months.

  1. The arrival of 4 new prototypes, by 25 Sep;
  2. Assemble & testing of the 4 new prototypes, 1 month (Apply for FCC/CE/RoHS, Start package design);
  3. Trial production & testing of 20 units, 1 month;
  4. Trial production & testing of 100 units, 1.5 months.

Please note that this only a rough plan of what we need to do. What makes it difficult for us to be assured of this plan at the moment is the lead time, the yield rate, the quality control, the testing, the SOP, the SIP, etc. and the repeating modifications of these steps.

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@Helen so is that 2.5 months out from Sept 20th for the first 120 of 200 units for the early beta backers?
So that puts us roughly first of the year?

@bluedragons Unfortunately, it is about 3.5 months from Sep 25th, almost at the end of this year. We will see if we can shorten the time but our top priority is to ensure the quality.