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Progress Update [Early Dec.]

Dear IVIers,

We are getting close to the end of 2019 and we know all of you want to get IVI on hand soonest, and this is our wishes as well. It has been two weeks since our last update, we wanted to gather more progress to show you, but the interval is better to be short. Long waiting for an update is not expected. We were worried that you may be disappointed after seeing such a small update with little achievements. Usually, a satisfying result will be more welcomed than a piece of an insignificant process filled with difficulties. Considering a timely update is what you expect, we’d like to shorten the interval as we can. Below is the summary of recent work:

I. Mechanics

1. The delivery of newly-designed parts

To achieve an ideal precision, we optimized the 3 key components related to movement: print head, extruding device, and universal joint. We mentioned that we didn’t receive all the newly designed parts on time in our last update. It turns out the supplier was unreliable, even the first cooperation went well. We ended the cooperation and then chose 2 new suppliers to finish the parts, 1 for backup. All the new parts from new suppliers were received & inspected and then we applied them to the prototypes. The below pictures are the components we assembled with the newly designed parts. They consist of 42 small parts. From the perspective of user experience, these new components are preciser and stronger judging from the design, material and processing technic. The testing plan of the printer functionalities will be resumed this week.

Old print head (Left) V.S. New print head (Right)

Old extruding device (Left) V.S. New extruding device (Right)

Old universal joint (Left) V.S. New universal joint (Right)

2. Component Testing

We designed and set up a testing device to test the below items: contact point of the print head, auto-leveling, weigh, fan, heat sink, and ceramic tube heating. Also, the testing of these components is about to start this week.

Testing device

3. Structural design and exterior design

The structural design was 90% completed and the exterior design was completed 80%. We plan to confirm the design by this week and then start producing 2 new prototypes.

Besides, we picked 5 molding factories out of 10 factories as alternative suppliers after site inspection. Next, we will make the final choice after the second round of selection, and this is planned to be finished before the delivery of new prototypes.

Ⅱ. Electronic hardware & software

1. Electronic hardware

A. The design of the ARM A7 control board (Related with LCD) is finished and started prototyping;

B. The fourth version of the motion control board is verified functionally and the trial production of 30 pieces is about to start.

C. Based on the newest structural design, we redesigned the power PCB and switch PCB and started prototyping. Now we are waiting for the delivery of the sample PCBs.

2. Software

The main functions of ARM A7 (Related with LCD) were achieved and testing will be started this week.

Ⅲ. Words in the end

So, the above is what we’ve done in the past two weeks. Every task has lots of details to be considered. You may ask when will be the final shipping time, or if there is a new delay. We agree that it is better to be informed for changes earlier so that we can modify the established plan effectively based on the newest status. However, we are sorry that we cannot give you a clear answer now. If there are changes that will affect the ultimate timeline, we will synchronize the timeline and announce it as soon as we can. Thank you for your support as always.


Take as much time as you need. The project passed its deadline already and to be honest most of the backers want the final product to be as perfect as possible to meet our expectations. Thank you for the huge effort and good luck on your progress.


Hi @yaqoob.alsaati, thank you for your understanding and support~♥


I fully agree as the the original timeline went the way of the dodo lol we all know and accept the fact the it will be much later than pland to receive the printer. With that said I believe what you are doing is great perfecting every piece and ensuring the highest quality for us the backers. @Tiffany thank you and the hole team for the constant updates and keeping IVI’s promise to deliver a superior printer


@bluedragons, thank you for your kind and supportive words. Yes, we are putting lots of effort into the quality. Every time we take a step, we keep backers in mind. :heart:


This is exactly what I expected but in the good way. Off course we want our printer but rushing it to deliver bad product is nothing anyone wants. We as backers are not buying directly a product but investing and get in return a reward. I prefer a long lasting reward so make sure it delivers according to your quality. Seeing your information and switching suppliers shows that this is important to you which I can only endorse. Keep us informed and eventually we will get a good product of high quality.

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Hi @Bartcg, thanks for your understanding. Keeping you informed makes us happy because it is like we are doing one thing together. And your attitude towards our work really fueled us. With such support and understanding, we won’t get to the wrong place, it will be delivered with high quality.


Yeah I’m in the “Take your time and get it right boat”. Do we have an updated estimated ship date for the units yet? I do have a lot of projects I’m not messing with because I don’t own any other 3d printer :pensive:

Hi @wade.cs, I understand your concern. We will update the estimated ship date as soon as we can. I hope that you can start your 3D printing projects with IVI as soon as possible. (hug)

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Is there any new updates on how it’s coming along? Any new development on getting the parts or possibly a redesign?

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Happy new year and the start of a new decade.

I’m with mele_g any news on our long awaited 3D printer!

With all this re-designs, changing suppliers and testing are we ever going to see the final product? Please give us an update!

I’ve worked over the Christmas holiday and I hope the IVI team did too. Stop all these ‘printing challenges’ and concentrate on getting the job done.


When you’ll really see things come to a screeching halt for a couple weeks is at the end of the month, hitting its peak the week of January 25th and into early February. Having worked for a China-based corporation in the past, there wasn’t much of a December slow-down at all (which makes logical sense), but for the Chinese New Year celebration, it’s a whole different story…work stops and the party begins…

Dear @mele_g @rlb-designs @DonFL, sorry for the late reply. We updated the progress a few days ago and I just copied the content to the forum. Please check it under the Kickstarter Update category.

Hi Tiffany, you guys are losing our confident rapidly. With this update, there’s really no reason for you guys to attend CES, the only news ppl will tell to others is you are missing your target by countless of time. Please save some money and time, there’s is nothing to For you to show… if already planed long time ago, can’t save money then save time, don’t attend. I’m think that by the time I receive( or if I ever receive) IVI it’s outdated and all your redesigning are meaningless. Please, focus on solving issues and get it manufacture NOW. Kept redesigning, attend some event, won’t do any good to IVI team given now already in a bad state. Designing stage is over before KS long time ago. Please come to your senses and get thing done.

Please switch back to weekly updates. Show us progress, a real progress weekly. Not some delay announcement, that’s not update. We don’t need a date that kept pushing backwards. We want real progress not a date.

Chinese New Year is coming and you will take a long break. I sincerely doubt you could deliver in June. You may be just delay it again and again. It is becoming a habit! You need to break the cycle and start focusing on delivery.


Dear @khorws,

Thank you so much for these heartfelt suggestions. And I am deeply sorry for missing your comment here. I assume you checked our latest updates on Kickstarter.
Despite the influence of the Coronavirus, we all are working in the office since 24 Feb. And we are focusing on solving issues and getting it manufactured as you suggested. Right now, we are working with factories on completing the new prototype by March 20.
We are trying to make regular updates with progress, and we need to avoid meaningless updates without real progress. The new March update is now scheduled to release in late March as there will be more progress to share with all of you.

Thank you again and we welcome your insights & suggestions as always.