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Progress Update [Late May]

Dear IVIers,

Before we introduce the latest progress, we want to thank @Josh, @Robin, and @Ian officially for the kind help they offered to advance this project by reviewing the PCB design from their professional perspectives. Every one of them devoted time and effort to review and feedback. We are thrilled with their professionalism and grateful for their kindness. Their valuable suggestions made the design better. We never expected this kind of help from our backers. Especially when they were still busy with their own business, they sacrificed leisure time by staying up late or getting up early to review the design in detail.

With the understanding, support, and help from you, we feel “Together, we are a team!” so strongly!

Below is some of the progress.

1. Control Board

So far, plan A (in-house design) is advancing faster than plan B (outsource design).

We received the redesigned control board on 28th May. The hardware was verified. The next is to test the functionality with the printer. Except for the control board, we have several affiliated boards for controlling stepper motors and tool heads. The design of those boards was completed on 26th May and we expect to receive those boards in early June.

Regarding outsourced PCB, some minor problems were found on the hardware. The outsource team is working on it and developing the firmware of stepper motors.

2. Embedded Firmware

We developed a basic version of the printer firmware. To test the firmware as soon as possible, we bought a development board with the same chip as the control board and embedded the firmware on it. We have been testing the printer with the firmware-embedded for 1 week.

Next, we will implant the firmware into the redesigned control board to test. If it works well as the development board did, we will continue developing the firmware by adding sensor recognition and information processing.

3. LCD

The first beta version of LCD was completed as scheduled. After the firmware is ready, we will start joint debugging on the printer.

4. Slicer

The first beta version of the slicer was completed as scheduled too. We’ve finished the first round of testing and fixed the bugs. Currently, we are testing the printing parameters with the slicer to optimize the recommended printing parameters. Please check the latest test result below.

3D Printing

Laser Engraving

5. Mechanical Hardware

A. The optimized design of the print head was completed a few days ago and we expect to receive the sample next week.

B. The metal parts we mentioned in the last update, including metal plate base, metal plate base cover, and metal plate top front door were received one week ago and tested. The plate base and the metal plate top front door passed testing. There are two overheated spots (over 50℃) on the metal plate base cover. Our plan is to add insulating materials to solve the problem and the solution is under testing currently.

6. Testing & Production

After the comprehensive analysis, the risk of certification based on the current prototypes is mainly about electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), thus we took this into consideration when we design the control board. We should be able to start applying for certification after comprehensive testing of the printer.

The NPI engineer already finished the forecasting of production and assembly cost based on the quotation of assembly factories and assembly SOP. Yes, the assembly SOP was finished as well.

These are what we achieved in the past 3 weeks. We didn’t prepare more photos/videos in this update, because the content team is busy with the User Manual, Quick Guide, and other necessary documents for you to experience IVI better. Happy weekend and see you in the next update.


Hi Tiffany, sounds like progress is going well, keep up the good work!


Thank you @mcenal, we will keep up the work and communication. :wink:


Hi Tiffany, If you’d like help with software I’m a C/C++ developer with many years experience in scientific/math software and performance tuning. No experience in Slicers but I could learn quickly. So if you’d like some help let me know.

Thanks, Colin


Honestly the way how they do their best to update and how the backers want to help make it a good product and how they show the progress often and in detail is amazing and even though i just got a printer now to do things, i still look forward to this printer and everything else as well

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Hi @colinhercus, thank you for your kind offer. Considering the firmware and the slicer need to work with the hardware, we think it is better we finish them in-house. Welcome to share your feedback/suggestion with us after you receive your IVI and experience it.

Thanks for the update. When do you plan to have the final product ready for shipping?

I remember reading somewhere that they’ll try to have a new timeline when the have the new PCB tested.

My expectation, somewhere in fall this year, August still probably not, September possibly if we are lucky, October is reasonable and should be doable. However if they have another big set-back it might take much longer (end of year).
June is at least not happening anymore and even July, especially with still delayed shipping, is unlikely.

We’ll see what time brings.


I understand, I did expect some difficulties hardware issues.


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