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Progress Update [Late Oct]

Dear IVIers,

Sorry for the delayed update about the 4 new prototypes. We had a one-week holiday for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China and then there was a few days’ delay because of the quality problem of the plastic components. Now, we are happy to present the 4 new prototypes for you.

With the initial assembly of the 4 new prototypes, we verified the following issues:

  1. The feasibility of the improved structural design;

  2. The assembly complexity of the components;

  3. Whether the machining error required by the processing drawings is reasonable and whether there is any improvement needed;

  4. Provides a reference for the risk assessment and the data confirmation of the molds;

Safety door

CNC build plate

Spring steel plate with perforated film

Filament chamber

Filament chamber cover

Some of the problems we found during the initial assembly and the corresponding solutions:

  1. We designed support ribs for some components that will be mass-produced with molds. This made some screws with short length difficult to install.

Solution: We will redesign the support ribs to reserve the mounting guide for the short screws.

Deadline: Complete the design by 25th Oct.

  1. Some components with strict requirements on the assembly relations and positional conditions are difficult to assemble due to the small allowance of machining gaps and it’s easy to have scratches on the assembled components.

Solution: Appropriately loosen the requirements on the machining gap & design and make special tools for the assembly of these components.

Deadline: Complete the design by 25th Oct.

  1. Some components with high processing precision requirements are difficult to test the geometric tolerance, resulting in inefficient testing with the combined inspection tools.

Solution: Design and make a special gauge for the critical dimensions to improve inspection efficiency.

Deadline: Complete the design by 25th Oct.

  1. The mounting plate of the closed-loop step motor is made of aluminum plate. We found that its strength is weak during the assembly.

Solution: Remanufacture the mounting plate with stainless steel.

Deadline: Receive the new mounting plate by 25th Oct.

  1. Considering the rusting situation in certain environments, most of the screws are made of stainless steel. It turns out that it cannot meet the pre-tightening and anti-loose requirements in some positions.

Solution: Replace some of the stainless steel screws with high-strength nickel-plated rust-proof screws.

Deadline: Receive the new screws by 25th Oct.

  1. There are still small gaps for some moving components that require to eliminate the assembly clearance.

Solution: Optimize the design with an adjustable gap and verify it again.

Deadline: Complete the design by 25th Oct.

To-do list for the coming week (10.21 – 10.27)

  1. Complete the assembly procedure draft for major components and the printer. We will disassemble and reassemble the prototypes many times to sort out the assembly sequence, required assembly tools, and assembly precautions.

  2. Complete the optimization of the designs of the components mentioned above and manufacture them for assembly testing.

  3. Complete the design of the special tools needed for the inspection of key components.

  4. Complete the design of the special tools needed for the testing procedures.

As we are approaching the start of the testing, we expect that there will be more presentable results to share with you, like the testing process & testing report. Therefore, we plan to keep a weekly update from the next week about the progress and problems along the way. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as always.


Thank you for this latest update. They look beautiful and I’m getting more excited by the day. You appear to be handling the challenges well and are scrutinizing every detail.


They are looking great, keep up the great work. Very excited☺

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Hi @Iggs0278 & @mele_g , thank you so much for your continued understanding and support. It means a lot to our whole team. We cannot make it without your support and we will keep working hard to bring IVI to you.


You bet Tiffany. Thank you for your constant updates. Give us a shout if we can help.

Very nice! its all coming together now. keep the good work up!

We’ve made the upper front door movable to facilitate your ordinary maintenance, like cleaning, greasing, replacing the Bowden tube, etc. Do you like this new feature?

Fully closed

Half open

Fully open


Looks great, and prevents damaging IVI when we open her up for maintenance! :slight_smile:

It’s going to be great being able to access everything!

Smooth side for PLA & TPU

Textured side for ABS, PA, POM, etc.


I like the design for the filament holder.
It looks like you can pick it up and lift it out with the two rings/hooks on each side.

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Dear Helen, I have a question. Is this a heated bed? (You folks advertised, heated bed.) But I cannot see any wires to the bed. Is it hided on the back? :grin: Would you explain?

Awesome!!! Loving how this is turning out. In stead of removing features, you’re adding :smiley:

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Yes, there is a heated bed! My guess is the cables run through the “rib” structure you can see at the back.

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YES!!! A textured bed for the 3D printer? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi Bob, yes, you are right. That’s what are the two hooks for, to lift out the filament.

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Yes, the build plate has two different sides. One smooth side and one textured side. This is meant for different filaments.


Dear Daehyuk, the heated bed is below the build plate. They are separate. The wire is not connected yet. There is a wire slot on the column. We will show you with more photos soon.