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Progress Update [Late Semptember]

Dear IVIers,

The preparation of trial production is still on track. Here is recent progress to share with you.

Ⅰ. Control Board

The chip problem of the CNC board was solved by replacing the chip. The solution has been verified.

There is a small problem on the mainboard, that is the printer will power off automatically when upgrading the mainboard (Yes, the upgradability of mainboard is achieved.). To solve the problem, we added an MCU on the mainboard, and this caused a slight change in the mainboard design.

To prepare the trial production, we ordered raw materials of the control boards for the trial production, and they were received already. 6 pieces of board are being made firstly for the final verification of the mainboard. We expect to receive the first 6 pieces of boards on 29th September and will start verification soonest. If the verification is OK (high probability), we will start making the rest of the boards right away. If the verification is not OK, we will solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid affecting the trial production plan.

Ⅱ. Embedded Firmware

Printer firmware is finished after debugging and we are finalizing the firmware for the closed-loop system.

Ⅲ. LCD & Slicer

As planned, the LCD app and IVI Slicer are expected to be ready by this month. The software testing engineer will run full tests on LCD and IVI 3licer in October. We figure that hardware is more urgent than software because the software can be upgraded in the future. And we understand that it is impossible to have a perfect product without customer feedback. We welcome and look forward to receiving your feedback after you receive IVI.

Ⅳ. Mechanical Hardware

The optimization of the FDM print head is finished and verified using a 3D prototype. We expect to receive produced FDM print head samples in the next 2 days and will test the print quality. If there is no obvious problem, we will start the trial production of print heads to ensure the schedule.

Recently, engineers are busy with following up on the progress of molding and the production of machining parts and sheet metal parts in the factories.

The initial package design was finished and we expect to receive the sample by 30th September.

Ⅴ. Testing

The testing of the printer with the integrated boards (3 in 1) is finished. The boards are functional. And the print quality of the optimized FDM print head is better with a 3D prototype. We will test the print quality on the newest produced FDM print head after we receive it.

Ⅵ. Production

The Assembly factory is selected and we expect to confirm the cooperation by the middle of October.

Raw materials, components, and parts for the trial production were received successively. Some parts are still under production, and the progress is under control.

This update is written in a short time to get you involved in the tiny progress we achieved. And so we didn’t take time to prepare pictures. We will share a monthly update with pictures in October on Kickstarter.

Kindly note, our traditional mid-autumn festival and the national holiday are on 1st October. We will have public holidays from 1st to 8th October. And don’t worry, this is considered in the trial production schedule.

The mid-autumn festival represents harmony and family reunion to us. Best wishes to all of you in this special 2020. Thank you for your understanding and support as always. :slight_smile:


This is really exciting to hear!


Thanks for the nice update!

A bright moon and stars twinkle and shine. Wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss, and happiness.



Excellent! Than you! Great to see so many poaitices. The best part was seeing each of the arrival dates as being over the next few days. No ‘in 3 weeks’ :slight_smile:


Great update. Thank you.


Thanks a million and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!


Thank you, the team. Have a nice long vacation.


Good job done, IVI team. Have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Thanks for the update Tiffany, enjoy the holidays, tell the team they deserve it.

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I appreciate this update. Things seem to be coming along nicely.
Enjoy your time off with your families.


Honestly thank you very much for this and I hope you have a nice holiday.

These kinds of updates are really reassuring for me and I expect many backers.
I also greatly appreciate that you are listening to what backers are saying as not many companies/kickstarters actually do that.
Also don’t worry about the pictures or if it is written quickly.

Again I just want to say, thank you :smiley:

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I am looking forward to this product being close to completion.
not to bring doom and gloom but do you have a contingency plan if the selected place is unable to meet an agreement?

Thank you- hope for Christmas then? That would be nice.
Thanks for the substantive update.

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