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Progress Update [Mid December]

Dear IVIers,

It has been almost one month since our last update. Thank you all for trusting and supporting us when we are not so responsive. Here is the latest progress to share with you.

Ⅰ. Production

We’ve finished the trial production in early December. 23 units are finished, and the rest 2 units are not completed due to lacking some raw materials. We will complete these 2 units after we finish the testing.

Two engineers stayed in the factory to follow up the whole process of assembly. And Elvis came to factories several times to inspect the assembly and push the progress. Here are some photos of the assembly process.

Assembly line


The inner look of the printer

Pre-assembled parts

Printer frames

Ⅱ. Testing

Currently, we are testing those trial produced printers in the factory. FDM printing test and laser function test are finished. Now we are working on the CNC test. The below video was shot when we are testing FDM printing.

project video thumbnail

(Check the testing video via Kickstarter)

Kindly note that the max quantity of printers being tested simultaneously is 10 units due to the limitation of the voltage.

Ⅲ. Shipping Time

Regarding the shipping time, we plan to start shipping by late December. And shipping sequence will be based on the order sequence in the “Very Early Beta Adaptor” group.

After the shipment of trail printers, we will keep in touch with the beta adopters for feedback and start to prepare mass production. The shipping time of the next batch depends on the production scale and production time.

Ⅳ. Financing Status

Regarding the financing, we’ve been communicating and negotiating with potential investors closely these days to advance the cooperation. One of the potential investors will come to the factory to check our trial printers this week. Besides, one of our incredible backers contacted us to offer help. He shared his professional insights with us when we met a problem with the safety of the power supply a couple of months ago. Next, we will keep in touch with him to seek the possibilities of financing.

We are incredibly grateful for having you as our backers. We are ashamed of not having started shipping yet. Even if we started shipping, we know that there is still a long long way to go to fulfill all the pledges, to give back your support in action. Thank you for your support as always.


IVI Team


Thank you for the great update, looking forward to getting one of your printers in hand and all the great 3D prints I’m going to make!
Keep up the great work!


It seems several of us are a bit unclear on who the first units are delivered to.

“… shipping sequence will be based on the order sequence.”

Does this mean backers #1 - #n ? Or the first n backers to pledge at the very early beta adopter level? Do the people who will receive one of these units already know who they are?


Absolutely great news! Thank you


Looks good to me. Thanks for your hard work. Please thank your team for me for all of their hard work. It’s not easy to start a company manufacturing something as complex as this product is, and during a pandemic, no less. That said, I’m looking forward to having the finished product in my hands.


I am interested in answers to the questions BrettJP posed as well.

It seems like it will still be awhile before most of us get one of these with all the bata testing and any reworks that need to happen after… so would it be possible to get one of these first batch printers to Joel at 3D Printing Nerd so he can do an in-depth video review for all of us to see? I feel it’s really important for us to get a deep dive on video of all the features of the machine, see it in action, and the results of prints after, so that we can also voice our concerns along with the bata testers.


This is a great news. Thank the team for all the hard work bringing the product to this status. You see the light at the end of a tunnel.


Wonderful news! Great job on getting to this point. Would be great to hear the answers to the questions posed by backers

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it s great news! Next up date would be for the fist shippings! I’m looking forward to having it hands, so happy for you and for us!

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Hi @BrettJP & @sage, the shipping order will be based on the order sequence in the “Very Early Beta Adaptor” group.


Hi @aquawaldo321, yes it will still be a while to fulfill all the pledges. We have the plan to invite Joel at 3D Printing Nerd to do a product review soon. But the trial-produced printer feedback will be mainly from beta adopters and we will introduce the feedback in the following updates.


Hi @sbd4de3 @BrettJP @kielyjw @vorraandy @sage @aquawaldo321 @cxl113 @jay11 @patmaug, thank you all for the supportive words. These warmed us in this winter season. :heart:

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how long did it take to produce 25 units?

I’m at 2000 something, I probably won’t be seeing a unit anytime soon, but wondering what’s the production speed?

I don’t know Joel personally, but I do know I live nearby (unless he’s moved away). If I backed the project early enough to receive one of the trial-produced printers, I wouldn’t mind letting him receive it first for an early review before I receive it. Just a thought.


Hi @BrettJP, noted. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @davidwanj, it took about 10 days, but usually, mass production speed will be faster than trial production after the process get smooth. We should be able to work out the mass production capacity in the next mass production run.

Great update! Hope to see the printers coming out soon!


Thanks for the wonderful update. You guys have done a great job getting the project this far even though it’s been a challenging year. I have not made it back to China this year but hopefully it will not be much longer before traveling opens back up.

Merry Christmas!

Lawrence Gordon


Is their any news about shipping? I love what i am seing in the pictures! Keep up the good work! Any news about the potentiaal invest or would be nice and reasuring!