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Progress Update [Mid November]

Dear IVIers,

Sorry that the trial-production is postponed to the end of November due to the delay & rework of some parts.

We assembled the first printer with trial-production materials 2 weeks ago. However, the performance was not good initially. To find out the problem and verify the final mechanical design and packaging design, we decided to assemble 4 units more in our office. After debugging, the problem goes to the material of the heated bed and we solved it already.

Here is recent progress to share with you.

Ⅰ. Control Board

All the control boards for trial production were received and examined.

Ⅱ. LCD & Slicer

The full testing of the LCD app was finished.

We expect to finish the verification of the recommended printing parameter on the newest printer within this month.

Ⅲ. Mechanical Hardware

We have 262 types of raw materials for production in total, and we need to make sure all the materials get ready both in quantity and quality. All the production materials were received, except for the following materials:

  1. Due to the change of tool-head design, the number of screws increased, and we expect to receive the supplementary screws by 19th November;

  2. Heated beds were returned to the factory last week due to the appearance problem and we received the improved heated beds yesterday;

  3. Print heads and CNC heads were received. And we expect to receive the laser heads by 19th November;

  4. CNC motors were returned to the factory due to quality problem last week and we expect to receive the qualified motors by 22nd November;

  5. We haven’t purchase packaging materials yet due to the design hasn’t been confirmed yet. We will confirm the design after we finish the packaging test.

Newest printer and packaging

*Please note that the packaging sample doesn’t include appearance design so that we can receive it earlier.

Inner packaging

The appearance design of the packaging

Ⅳ. Testing

We are testing the newly assembled printers, and the performances are good so far.

Today we started the packaging test in the assembly factory and we expect to get the test report on 19th November.

Ⅴ. Production

We assembled 5 units of printers in the office for testing. And the assembly factory will assemble 25 units of printers. The plan is as below:

  1. Ship all the materials to the assembly factory on 18th November (Already done);

  2. The assembly factory will check the number and the quality before production, and it will cost several days;

  3. Start production by 25th November and finish production by 5th December.

Ⅵ. Financial Status

Some backers asked questions about financial status. Given the production status and the budget, we worry that we may encounter a shortage of funds during the period of fulfillment if we meet a big setback again. To avoid it happen, we are taking some measures:

  1. We are connecting with VC regarding venture investment to secure the fund chain;

  2. We narrowed down the team scale to decrease labor cost;

  3. Try our best to avoid more delay.

On the one hand, the performances of the new printers give us confidence that the journey from 1 to 100 paid off. There is a high probability that the trail-produced printers will have the same performances. On the other hand, we are sorry for the delay again.

That’s all for recent progress. Thank you for your understanding and support as always.


IVI Team


Really nice update, packaging looks also really good!
Just a little scared by the financial update because I’m backer 1200-somewhat, but keeping my spirit up! :slight_smile:

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Look at how close you are to being finished! This is amazing! Keep up the good work!


The more I see, the more excited I get. Keep going like this and we’ll all be printing in no time!


I get more and more excited every time I see updates! Keep the good work coming, if possible I’d like to see some more video updates on your youtube.


The updates lately have been very exciting, it feels like production is finally right around the corner! You all have put in an immense effort, and I’m sure a lot of emotion and stress, I truly hope you don’t have to face any new big setbacks. My fingers are crossed for you all!
Also, I feel comfortable with the frequency of your updates. Anything more than monthly is typically great from most projects I back, but I think there’s a lot of excitement for your product, so it’s really great to get a couple updates a month lately.


We really appreciate your team’s hard work and Thanks a lot for this relieving update. :blue_heart:


Does anybody want to buy my super early bird pledge? I have decided to buy another 3d printer rather than wait…

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Might just be interested - contact me via gmail - jpbell64

“Given the production status and the budget, we worry that we may encounter a shortage of funds during the period of fulfillment if we meet a big setback again.”

Let’s just put that at the end of the status message and see if anybody notices.

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Sure it’s at the end, but they did give it a whole numbered section in the post. If all somebody did was look at the section titles, they’d see that finances were addressed, which people have been asking for. Also, I think typically people are more excited to see physical progress than administrative details (unless very important), so unless they were announcing they ran out of money, I think it’s reasonable those details should go ahead of the financial status update. I don’t feel they were trying to ‘sweep it under the rug’ by any means.


@Tiffany would it be possible to get some pictures and video of the CNC and laser cutter in action? It seems that those 2 things have become the mystery of the project as I haven’t seen much content around them. I’d love to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of operation, size, and overall function on those 2 elements. Thanks!


I’m very happy to see the team progress on the printer. It 's goods news and i wish i could try all these functions in not time. I m sad for your team if you need to reduce it.
keep on working hard, keep hope and it will be good.
thanks to all of the team

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I agree, I would like to see a demo of both the CNC and Laser showing the operation of both. Thanks and I appreciate what your team has went through.


Hi @alexander.ryan2005, video updates need more time and energy, and our graphic designer is still busy with the optimization of product tutorials. Currently, we are devoting 100% energy to the product. We know that the IVI 3D printer will be the best demonstration of our work.
We will definitely share more video updates on youtube when we have extra energy on this.


Hi Brett, we appreciate your understanding and encouragement as always. Trust and support from you and other backers are great inspirations to us.
Our team size is smaller, and every team member takes more responsibilities than before. Except for monthly updates, we share bi-weekly updates in the forum to keep you involved as possible as we can. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback @Tiffany.

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Thanks for your effort.
Now I need to save enough to pay taxes and dutties.
Next month will be when first batch be shipped?
Have a nice day.

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Is there a list of capabilities and the materials we could potentially use? Would love to start dreaming up projects. Thx for the great update. You got this!

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Hi Omosha, thank you, please view our specs to check what materials are supported: https://ivi3d.com/specs.