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Progress Update [Week #4, Oct]

Dear IVIers,

Happy Friday! It is time for the weekly update. Last week, we showed 4 new assembled prototypes and listed major problems we found. Now we are happy to let you know that the designs we mentioned last week are finished and we will start verifying them in the testing phase. You can track the problem-solving progress in the table below.

Except that, we sorted out an assembly procedure draft and prepared some gauges & jigs.

Assembly procedure

To verify the assembly procedures and make preparation for future production, we disassembled and reassembled the prototypes 2 times every day to sort out an effective assembly procedure. Besides, our content creating team participated in the assembly to understand IVI better, helping us create a well-written and easy-to-read user manual in the future.


Inspecting parts

During assembly#01

During assembly#02

Preparation of gauges and jigs

We have received some gauges for the inspection of components, including dimensional tolerance, geometric tolerance, the airflow of the cooling fans, etc.

Digimatic Caliper

Digimatic Caliper

Digital Anemometer

Dial Test Indicator

Digimatic Micrometer

Digimatic Indicator

Digimatic Height Gages

Besides, we designed some customized gauges for some special components and some special jigs for future production.

We will start the testing next week and share more details in the following weeks. Thank you for your understanding and support as always.


Thanks for your feedback Helen, it’s nice to see things coming together. I’m sure there are lots of tasks to be done and new challenges will present, can you guys provide us a gant chart as detailed as you consider wise (or some sort of project timeline) so we can get an estimated time of arrival.

Best regards

Hi @fe.velazquez, yes, there are lots to be done and every day we have new challenges. From where we are standing at the moment, below are the schedule for the coming few months.

  • Assemble & testing of the 4 new prototypes, 1 month – end of Nov (Apply for FCC/CE/RoHS, Start package design);
  • Trial production & testing of 20 units, 1.5 months – early of Jan;
  • Trial production & testing of 100 units, 1.5 months – end of Feb 2020.

We will keep updating this schedule and keep sharing the progress and problems along the way.


With all of the current planning and forecasting you’ve been doing, can you share a what is being asked for here? Rather than just a coupe target dates, show us the timeline that gives a clear projection for mass fulfillment of the kickstarter orders. Just from these two data points, its obvious what you are telling potential non-kickstarter customers is optimistic to the point of being unrealistic.

Hi @DonFL, sorry for the late reply. What we need at the moment is some more time to thoroughly test the new prototypes before we can start the trial production and mass production. Announcing a fixed timeline for Kickstarter order fulfillment based on the information & experience we now have with the new prototypes would not be reliable and responsible. That’s why we can only forecast the estimated time we need for each major step. From the information we have gathered so far, once we have passed the trial production of 20 and 100 units, things should go more smoothly than now. Even with the help of external experts, we are still in a sense wading across the stream by feeling the way. It calls for prudence in feeling our way forward in unfamiliar territory and testing the waters before a major step forward to avoid potential risks. It’s for the benefit of all of us.

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This is the response you sent to a non-KS backer on 15 October (less than 3 weeks ago) regarding delivery timeline:

Hi #$%#&

Thank you very much for your interest in our 3D printer. Yes, the retail price is $799. You can order now on our pre-order store at $399. The estimated shipping for the pre-orders starts from March 2020.

https://ivi.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders ;

The new timeline for shipping of the Kickstarter orders is Jan 2020. We keep posting exclusive schedule updates for backers on our Kickstarter page and Forum. If you purchase, you will be invited to join the forum to check the latest updates.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Before anyone starts their “this is kickstarter, etc” lecture, point here is, no matter what the delivery date is, and how woefully far behind the overall project currently is, transparency, honesty, and consistency is still expected. This potential customer is a friend who was rather amazed at this timeline he received, and was ready to order, even after I explained that timeline looked pretty optimistic. Now that the delivery timeline is essentially unknown, my guess is he’ll decide to look elsewhere. @Helen I understand your caution regarding sharing a timeline, but that caution also then requires honesty with potential customers, especially when its existing customers trying to bring you that business.

Now I see from the link a June 2020 ship date for non-KS orders is shown…

Hi @DonFL, thank you very much for introducing IVI to your friend. And I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

As you said, the email to your friend was about 3 weeks ago. At that time, our timeline is still what I told your friend, Jan 2020 for Kickstarter backers and March 2020 for pre-orders. When I replied to your question about 4 days ago. I quote here.

In this reply, we changed the shipping time for Kickstarter backers from Jan to the end of Feb 2020, thus changed the shipping time for pre-orders from March to June accordingly. This is also when the change happens. It is after I replied to your friend. The updated shipping time for new pre-orders is changed on the pre-order store as well and this is also our reply to new interested customers after Oct 31.

I hope this helps clarify the misunderstanding. If you have any other doubts, please let me know.

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