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Prusa Mini Printer

Just curious if any other IVI backers have ordered the new Prusa Mini. I ordered one after I saw the blog update.

I would like to but I already have 4 printers as it is. The IVI will be my 5th. But I can prolly convince myself to get one for the office :smile:

I’m going to order a few for my class. But after several months. It would be nice if you will leave your opinion about how they are.

Right now I’m using Tiertime Cetus and Mini looks like great alternative

I absolutely will! Hopefully they catch up with demand by the time you order, Josef Prusa said in 3D Printing Nerd’s interview that they had 1000 orders in the first 24 hours.

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We haven’t yet, but we absolutely plan to order 1…or more…

That’s not surprising they’ve had so many orders, though. Here’s to hoping they anticipated that!

Prusa Mini is a no brainer for any farm/class, or maybe if you just want an extra printer to go with what you already have. It should be low maintenance, and have a nice upgrade path, and will be supported for years. I have a MK3S currently, and if i didnt’ have the IVI and M3D Crane Bowden coming (maybe), I’d consider one for sure. I love my cetus, but this is substantially cheaper, and probably produces similar quality prints.

yeah i dumb i have 3 mk3s and 3 cube style printers and 2 tevos i ordered a mini because my daughter loves her tevo Michelangelo but it is a bit hard for her to keep level so i figured it was a good excuse for me to purchase a mini cant wait for my ivi and snapmaker. i think i have an issue lol yes i do use all my printers.

I think the Prusa mini and Cetus is a good size printer for class tho. Like teaching students and let them experiment as a beginner.

I already had 1 Core XY, and just bought another Quadrap, waiting for it to arrive and build. IVI will be my third. Dont think I will need one that is 180 x 180 build area. But with that said, I do like what the Tiertime Cetus was able to print and the quality it could produce. I bet Prusa Mini would be the same.

Sorry, What is a Pursa Mini?

Prusa mini by Josef Prusa. Same company that produce the original Prusa i3. They release a new FDM 3d printer called Prusa mini

Oh no doubt. Great for classrooms. And yeah, it’ll probably be comparable. I know many are looking at that hanging extruder without linear rails and questioning it, but i think you can get equal quality with the setup Prusa has, for only a fraction of the cost.

I’m trying to resist. I need to upgrade my mk2 with a kit because my bed is messed up with some gouges (never ever… ever let a friend use your printer). I’m tempted to upgrade to the MMU as well or get the SLA but i’m just going to wait for the IVI and hope they also do a SLA option fairly quickly.

Yes, I ordered one as soon as I saw the announcement. I thought the IVI would be my first 3D printer but now it will probably be the Prusa Mini.

I looked at it, but I will order a PRUSA XL (Core X Y printer) whenever they start selling it.