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Scanner Module Not Included?

I guess I misunderstood back during the campaign that once the scanner module was developed that you would include it with the printer once it was ready. Is this not the case? What’re you trying sell the add on for?

Hi sethbro11, sorry for the late reply. During the campaign, the 3D Scanner module was not included. Depending on what reward tier you chose, FDM module, CNC module, Laser module are the three modules you may have backed during the Kickstarter campaign. The add-ons are for these three modules. You can check your order confirmation for what items are included in your pledge.

We will offer 3D Scanner module to all the backers at a discounted price when it is available. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello, when will the scanner be available? January ? We have almost no info on the scanner. How precision will it be?

Hi @nicolas-pierrot,
I wish I can share an exact date with you, but sorry that we don’t have a precise ETA of scanner module yet. Since all of our engineers are devoted to the refinement and fulfillment of the IVI 3D printer, R&D of the scanner will be resumed at a later time.
A special discount on the scanner module will be offered to all backers as a “thank you” coupon for sure. More details and specs will be revealed after achieving progress. Thank you for your continuous support.