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Schedule Update [Early Jan]

Dear IVIers,

Happy new year and sorry for the long waiting. With all of our deep regret, we want to let you know that the delivery date will now be postponed to June 2020. This is a hard decision. We know all of you are waiting anxiously for the printer and we gave you an expectation to receive the printer at around March 2020.

We got the 2 new prototypes successfully at the end of December 2019. To speed up the production, we could try and go with the 2 new prototypes and start the mold making and trial production. But there are still some key issues unresolved and it will be too risky to move onto the next step.

  1. The 2 new prototypes have not been thoroughly tested in terms of software and hardware;
  2. The feasibility of the printer assembly has not been verified by professional testers and the assembly plant;
  3. The printing accuracy doesn’t meet our requirement, which is 0.01mm repeatability at 300mm/s speed.

Taken all the unresolved issues into consideration, we have a new timeline.

  1. One new prototype machining, assembly, and testing–Feb
  2. The first round of 3D and 2D drawing modification–Feb
  3. Mold DFM Review–Feb
  4. Mold design and machining–March
  5. Engineering samples assembly, testing, the first round of mold modification–Mid-April
  6. Pilot run and testing–April
  7. The second round of 3D and 2D drawing modification–April
  8. The second round of mold modification–early May
  9. Mass production–end of May
  10. Shipping–June

Looking back at the progress and setbacks in the past 6 months, we are not happy with the progress ourselves and we should take full responsibility for the status quo. Below is a summary of our reflection and we are determined to avoid the same mistakes in the coming 6 months.

  1. With our subjective high expectation and limited experience in production, we often make a too-optimistic-to-be-possible timeline for each major task. A timeline with a low error-tolerant rate is most likely to be unfulfilled.
  2. Sometimes, we were trying to save spending on things/matters that should not be saved. For example, to save personnel cost, Elvis was not only responsible for mechanical design but also testing. Both tasks are very time-consuming and critical. As the product designer, he is not suitable to be the tester as the tester is supposed to find problems with the design. BTW, because we have been very careful with every spending, the financial status of the company is good at the moment.
  3. Priority issue. Because Elvis & Andy are the designers of the printer, whenever there is a problem with the printer, they would automatically think that it must be solved immediately. When faced with a massive amount of tasks, they and their team sometimes lost track of what’s the top priority and we slip into the circle of constant modification and optimization.

These are only some of the main reflections we made. We will have a more detailed summary of our past mistakes and we will set specific rules and working procedures for each mistake.

Below are some photos of the 2 new prototypes and the prints printed with them. Sorry about the quality of the photos as they are taken here in the US while we are attending the CES show. CES 2020 is the exhibition that we booked a long time ago. We will showcase IVI at the start-up zone, which is the cheapest booth. During the exhibition, our team members in China will keep working on the production.

The prototype without front shell

Print head without fan

Print head with fans

Tiny owl printed at 30mm/s speed

Based on the new prototypes, there are a few changes on the printer specifications:

We are deeply sorry that we have let you down in the past 6 months. We have let ourselves down as well. But we’ve decided to get up from where we fell down and learn from our past. “When the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.” We will never give up on the goal of delivering a high-quality printer to all of the backers who believed in us since the very beginning. This is a belief of our whole team.

Thank you and we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.


It’s sad you have to move the date BUT as long as you give me what you promised i can wait no problem. I like that you are open with the development and not shut us out. I bought this one because of what you promised and i don’t want less and if i have to wait, i can wait.


Don’t mention dates anymore, just focus on getting it done and to your satisfaction and that you know that we will be satisfied and happy. Then let us know delivery times. I can wait since my 3d resin printer keeps me busy.


I agree with mele_g; tell us what you’ve done, not what it’s doing to the schedule. Since that day has come and gone it’s arbitrary anyway. I’ve seen in the Facebook group that some people, well, one in particular, are very vocal with their dissatisfaction with how things have gone since the closing of the campaign. I detest that negativity, since it’s counterproductive and solves nothing. If I were to give you advice, I’d say for you to under promise and over deliver. That is, just build the best 3D printer out there and send it to us when it’s absolutely finished. I know it’s not easy to accept these setbacks, nor is it easy to be the one telling everyone about them. So don’t. Tell us a date in the future you KNOW it will be ready, then add two months. In the interim, tell us what’s happening on a regular basis. Then, surprise the heck out of everyone by delivering it “early”. You won’t please everyone, we’ve discovered that. Just do the best you can to please those who believe in you, and put me on that list, please.


I agree with Danne, while I am disappointed it has been delayed so far, I would rather wait and get the better product for it, than rush out something unfinished that doesn’t work as well. Thank you for keeping us up to date.


@Tiffany I agree with what the backers have been informing you. Dont keep giving us dates you can’t fulfill but keet up well up to date with the progress and issues you face. I know I for one want to know if you have a set back and what you have done to resolve it. I’m aware that Chinese new year is a big deal in your culture but keeping promises are equally as important in any culture. Remember to under promise and over deliver at a earlier time than you planned we backed you because we have faith in you. Saddy you are quickly losing it with all the broken promises on delivery. Please keep us better informed and dont make promises you dont intend on keeping from here on out.


I prefer progress reports and less deadlines. I would have liked to have had it ages ago, but again delays due to things out of your control is exactly that. As long as you deliver and keeping the company viable for delivery and future I am quite happy with current progress.The biggest thing is that you have a working model that you know performs and that you can get it to market without putting the company into financial risk.


To be honest I would also just like regular updates that are more informative than anything else. Things went bad and you had problems, that you can share, then please tell us, things went good, tell us (but curb the enthusiasm), you have hit a roadblock tell us and maybe someone might be able to help (they might just know or have a connection).

I also completely agree with @jblogref, @bluedragons, and @mcenal.
To be honest it’s very good advice, something I’ve experienced first hand.

When I was doing my masters degree one of my Professors used to exactly this, we got funding to do research and he would usually underpromise, knowing that we could easily hit the targets in time and probably get a bunch more stuff done. The reason is set-backs and other problems can occur, if you under promise then if that happens it isn’t an issue. The company that funded the research was always super happy with our group since we always delivered and a lot of the time more than promised.

Anyway everyone will have different opinions, if you know what you are doing financially great, keep up the work. If you don’t know, get someone to advise and help you that you trust. If you do that then I think you should have enough knowledge and will power to get us a great product (doesn’t have to be perfect).

However it’s not only a printer so make sure to also check the other add-ons for the machine when testing the prototypes, please. To be honest I don’t expect too many issues for the laser attachment, the CNC attachment is a different story as the forces acting on it will be much greater than when 3D printing or laser cutting/engraving. I don’t now what you will do with the future SLA module but it will also need a sturdy frame as the forces can be fairly high when peeling layers from the bottom of the resin bath.

To finish, keep up the good work, I get the feeling that you are all working really hard, don’t overwork though and don’t let the negativity from some people get to you.


So it’s been 7 days since CES ended, any update on progress? It’s been very quite on all 3 websites (Kickstarter, Facebook, and here). So what’s going on? If your other team members were working on the printer while you were at CES then what have they done to better the printer?

3D Printing nerd on Youtube just shared a video with lots of information, regarding updates start at around 16:55 if you don’t want to watch the entire video.

They also never promised an update every week, plus it’s going to be chinese new year soon (or already is)


3D printing nerd is someone I trust. He has a good channel for 3D printing information and this video really gets me excited. And I watched his first video a year ago and it is impressive how far IVI has come. They have a lot to be proud of! The printer in the video looks so much better than it did a year ago. It looks stronger and better quality. It really seems like they have this thing almost finished. I would love to see more in depth videos like this soon, especially on the laser and CNC as well as the function, maintenance, and limitations of use. Overall, it looks great.


Yeah I just saw that, looks very promising and looking very good. I watched the whole video to see all the cool features of the lcd and cloud software. I’m getting excited again, I know I will not see the printer in June since I was a later backer so hopefully by September.


I’m always thankful for your updates. I’m glad you are making sure the product will be a quality one.
I still have yet to make my 3D models that I intend on printing, so I am not in a hurry.
I like how the build volume is a little larger now.


How is the IVI team doing with all the stuff happening in China at the moment? Hope everyone is safe and healthy.


Hi all,
February 4th 2020, no update or news! I appreciate the New Year celebrations and the sad news of the Corona-virus outbreak (wish everyone well). But can we have an bit of info on where we are with the project.

Are we still on schedule for June? or could we expect another delay.

Grateful if you can let us know…

Hello again, considering there might be other backers having the same question, please check my reply here:
Sorry that I cannot answer your question at the moment. As you mentioned Corona-virus outbreak, we should have got back to work two days ago without the Corona-virus outbreak, but the result was our off time extended for an extra week due to the virus. According to the government notice, we will go back to work on 10th Feb. Whether there will be a new delay, and how long would it take to evaluate the overall situation. we can only find the answer after we get back to work and negotiate with suppliers & partners. This contagious epidemic was unexpected. We wish every one of you take care of yourself and your family. All the best.


Stay safe and healthy.

Your health is more important than an extra 2 weeks (or more) of delay.
We having been waiting for quite a while already so 1 or 2 weeks extra shouldn’t make too much of a difference for most people.

On top of that, also from a timeline perspective, if you would get the virus you might even have a bigger delay than 1 or 2 weeks.

We’ll eagerly await your updates until everything is safe again (I at least will).


Hi Bob, thank you so much for your understanding and support. Health is the foundation for everything. All of us should be careful.


Don’t feel bad about it being later than it was meant to, just make sure it’s worth the wait. i’d rather eat a cake that took a long time to bake perfectly than a cake that’s undercooked and kind of soggy in the middle, and in much the same way, i’d rather wait longer for a great 3d printer than have a decent one now.

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