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Schedule Update [June & July]

Hi @mele_g & @mele_g & @preis.alan ,thank you all for your encouraging and supportive comments. We are grateful that our honesty & transparency are being appreciated and heard. In return, we will keep listening full-heartedly to your requests, concerns & suggestions. Together, we are a team!

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Hi @MegaBaka , we are trying hard to bring an amazing IVI. For our first supporters, the prices don’t change.

@Tiffany ty for the update sad to wait longer but happy for all the updates to make it an extraordinary 3D Printer. Quick question in the photo with the filliment spool space being enlarged I noticed that the outside shell is also larger. Will this create a larger printing area??

Hi @bluedragons, thank your every much for your understanding. The outside shell is larger, and the printing area is possible to get larger, but we still need to conduct comprehensive testings to verify it. If the printing area changes, we will update it to all backers officially.


Well if this is true I for one cause say I would LOVE a larger print volume. At least 12” x 12” would be a tremendous help when printing larger items!

Hi @aquawaldo321, your voice is heard. We are not sure if the printing area will get bigger eventually. Please stay tuned. IVI team think for customers always and is working hard on bringing customer experience as best as we can.

I 2nd that as well, just slightly bigger would be great if possible, my smallest printer right now is 220x220, and IVI is even smaller than that, but I’m hoping the print quality will make up for the smaller print bed to justify my decision on supporting this project :smiley:

This is my first foray into 3D printing, but I’m no stranger to technology. I’ve backed crowdfunded projects in the past that were new tech only to see them turn into ether. But you’ve got a successful working prototype, and there’s no such thing as greatness without adversity. The delay, in my opinion, will only strengthen IVI’s position once it is released. I like the changes discussed so far, and I would suggest outlining what possible improvements you’re considering; I’m very curious to see what new “missions” IVI will be ready for after its release.

Hi @jblogref, thank you for your understanding and encouragement. We are glad that you will start your journey of 3D printing with IVI 3D printer. The journey of IVI just began, and we are so grateful to have your backup. We will keep you updated and listen to you on possible improvements in the future.

Hi @davidwanj, thanks for your comment. We’d like to make possible improvements on the basis of making sure the functionality and durability.

A note for the backers, rather than the IVI team. I agree, having a larger build volume would be an awesome thing! However, please be realistic. You’ve already agreed to pay to back this printer with an FDM build volume of Φ210 x 220 mm (Φ8.3 × 8.6 inches). Any increase they can give us, if they can, is more than what we’ve been promised and is a benefit. But asking for build volumes of Φ12 × 12 inches? Are you kidding me? That’s 291.67% of the original volume!! Most of these printers were funded for $300 to $400, they’d have to charge everybody hundreds more to increase the build volume to Φ12 × 12. If you want a 200% increase in build volume, go buy a bigger printer. As far as the IVI, take any increase to build volume with appreciation.


Thanks for the update.

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I can’t imagine how big IVI would have to be for 12x12" as it is a delta form =D, it would be like a full size desk :rofl:

You might as well get two and put them by your TV, they’d look like giant tower speakers!

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Hello @Tiffany,

Was wondering if you can give us an update on the (4pcs?) new prototype machines being built revised to handle the standard 1 kg filament reels ?

You had previously mentioned that the overall size might change slightly… Has it ?

Has testing started in evaluating motion stability, dimensional accuracy, and speed with these new components ?

Does this version include “Resume Print” after power outage or shutdown ?

What prevents Delta mechanism from physically crashing down into actual printed part ?

How can the servos “lock” linear bearings from drifting down when power loss ?

Hello @preis.alan, sincerely sorry for the late reply and thank you greatly for your valuable and detailed suggestions on the product. Regarding the questions raised, please check our reply as below:

  1. The filament chamber can handle standard 1 kg filament reels;
  2. The overall size of printing size maintains the original one, if any changes, we will update the specs and share with all backers;
  3. The applicability of new components on IVI will be tested on the new prototypes;
  4. Since we use an external power supply on IVI, it is not that easy to add a “Resume Print” function. We are working on this supplementary function, but it is not our top priority at the moment. We will keep you updated on the progress;
  5. Could you please give us some more explanations on this question?
  6. Power loss during printing is a rare case. Since the weight of IVI’s print head is very light, there won’t be crashing down into the printed model. 1-2 mm shift is possible to occur due to inertia. Protective measures will be added on “Resume Print” to lock the linear bearings from drifting down.
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Thank you @Tiffany for your reply to my questions…

I truly believe the “Resume Print” function after a power outage should be made a Priority Issue…

There are many reasons why we might lose electrical power while printing with the IVI 3D Printer…

It could be from a Overloaded AC Circuit the unit is plugged into.

It could be from an Accidental Removal of Power Cord to unit.

It could be from a Power Outage to ones facility.

A time consuming 3D Print would unfortunately be ruined immediately by loss of AC Power… Please reconsider upping its Priority…

Any loss of Z Dimension at all would Destroy 3D print being manufactured by this machine. Being this is a Delta Design, even the tiniest movement from the shear weight of extruder head & linear bearings, would considerably move the X, Y, and Z position of the nozzle.

Thanks, Alan


Hi @preis.alan, thank you very much. Your advice is well received. “Resume Print” is not included in our original plan for the first version of IVI but we do agree it is a good feature to be included. As others have stated, we can never have a perfect product from the beginning and it takes time to develop and polish the functions step by step. The R&D team will still focus on polishing all of our promised functions and delivering IVI in an efficient manner. When the time allows, we will develop “Resume Print” function. Thank you again for sharing your insights with us.


Are their any other updates to the timeline? Maybe I missed them?

Hi @cartrixx, from where we are standing at the moment, below are the schedule for the coming few months.

  • Assemble & testing of the 4 new prototypes, 1 month – end of Nov (Apply for FCC/CE/RoHS, Start package design);
  • Trial production & testing of 20 units, 1.5 months – early of Jan;
  • Trial production & testing of 100 units, 1.5 months – end of Feb 2020.

We will keep updating this schedule and keep sharing the progress and problems along the way. Don’t forget to check our latest updates for more details.

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