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Schedule Update [Mid Feb]

Dear IVIers,

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, our CNY holiday was extended from Feb 2 to Feb 10. To ensure the safety of everyone, we are now still waiting for government notice and local inspection to return to the office.

We are glad to let you know that all of IVI team members are in good health and we’re all safely back in Shenzhen. We’ve delivered every member’s PC to their home and started working from home since Feb 5.

During this time, our R&D team and marketing team will work at full speed to prepare for the return to the office, including 3D and 2D drawings design optimization, BOM output, tooling DFM review and quotation, PCB drawings, package design, etc.

It is certain that this epidemic will have an impact on the delivery time of IVI as all the factories in Guangdong province have not been back to work. Most of our previously contacted suppliers and factories said that they may be back to work by the end of Feb. This may lead to one or two more months of delay in our delivery. The exact impact will be calculated and announced after our suppliers and partners are all back to work. The good news is that there has been a decrease for 8 consecutive days in terms of the new confirmed cases outside Hubei province (the epicenter of the outbreak). More and more people are being discharged from the hospital after recovery.

As the words printed on the supplies packages donated to us by Japanese for epidemic prevention and control, “Together we stand, my armors thine.” What the virus has done is cruel and will not last. What the people have done is touching and will be remembered forever. We will strive to return to normal life and work at an early date.

Thank you all for your understanding and support during this difficult time. Stay safe and stay strong.


Thank you so much for every update on the project.
The machines can always wait, but health is the most important asset all of us have so take good care of yourselves. Wish you all health and hope you get back your normal lives as soon as possible.

Take care


It’s good to see that all team members are safe, please stay safe and I hope the family’s are in good health as well.


I’m glad you are staying safe. It was smart to send the computers to residences. At my job, I connect the work laptop to a hub for multi-monitor/keyboard/mouse support. Then each night I take the laptop home and can VPN for any meeting or urgent issues. I also have a dedicated remote Windows 32GB VM to offload 70% of the work. My old job allowed personal computers to VPN + remote desktop to our stations, but at my new job, for security reasons, only allow company equipment to connect to the VPN.

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Please work safe and stay healthy. It’s not a good time to get sick. Please do not stretch your working hours. Take enough rest.

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Hi @Turbo, you are really good at telecommuting!~

The new March update is now scheduled to release in late March as there will be more progress to share with all of you.

Despite the influence of the Coronavirus, we all are working in the office since 24 Feb. Schedule Update [Mid Feb] stated that if there are any changes after we are back to the office we will let you know. Right now, we are working with factories on completing the new prototype by March 20. When we get the new prototype, we will provide a current and more accurate timeline. The new March update is now scheduled to release in late March as there will be more progress to share with all of you.

The Coronavirus is causing delays and higher costs as not all factories have resumed working, even the ones that have are not running at full speed as many workers are still not back to work. But we are trying our best to push things forward as we want to deliver IVI to every backer as soon as possible.


Привет Вам команда IVI. Уже прошел почти один год с тех пор как я сделал свой взнос и подержал Ваш проект. Я из Казахстана, и мне интересно несколько моментов:

  1. Сколько человек сегодня уже используют ваш продукт и могут это подтвердить?
  2. когда вы будете завершать все важные работы, и начнете массовую рассылку продукта для нас?
    Последняя ситуация во всем мире показывает что сырье дешевеет, как пластик так и металлы.

Hi @khramil13,

Thanks for your support. Regarding your questions, please find my reply below:

  1. So far, we haven’t started shipping IVI, so there is no customer using IVI now. Joel from 3D printing Nerd experienced IVI prototype: https://youtu.be/I_c7SOMK7e4

We’ve also demonstrated printing on CES, you can check our Facebook Group for the live video. Facebook Group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ivi3d/;

  1. We don’t have a new timeline at this point yet, but we are working at full speed to meet the goal of delivering in July. We will update the timeline after we finished the testings of the new prototypes and negotiation with the assembly plant. Progress during the process will be shown to backers via Kickstarter updates;

  2. The raw material price doesn’t have a big change in China, but the processing time becomes longer under the influence of COVID-19.

For more details about the printer, we will publish an update in late April to show you the new prototype, the problems we met, the measures we took, also some changes on the slicer and LCD development. Currently, we are still dealing with the control board and circuit issues on the new prototype.

Thank you again for your support and understanding.

Best Regards,


IVI 3D Team

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Привет @ khramil13,

Спасибо за поддержку. Что касается ваших вопросов, пожалуйста, найдите мой ответ ниже:

  1. До сих пор мы не начали поставку IVI, поэтому пока нет клиентов, использующих IVI. Джоэл из 3D-печати Nerd испытал прототип IVI: https://youtu.be/I_c7SOMK7e4

Мы также продемонстрировали печать на CES, вы можете проверить нашу группу в Facebook для живого видео. Ссылка на группу в Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ivi3d/;

  1. У нас пока нет нового графика, но мы работаем в полную силу, чтобы достичь цели доставки в июле. Мы обновим график после того, как закончим испытания новых прототипов и переговоры со сборочным заводом. Прогресс в ходе процесса будет показан спонсорам через обновления Kickstarter;
  1. В Китае цены на сырье не претерпевают больших изменений, но время обработки увеличивается под воздействием COVID-19.

Более подробную информацию о принтере мы опубликуем в конце апреля, чтобы показать вам новый прототип, проблемы, с которыми мы столкнулись, меры, которые мы приняли, а также некоторые изменения в разработке слайсера и ЖК-дисплея. В настоящее время мы все еще имеем дело с проблемами платы управления и схемы на новом прототипе.

Еще раз спасибо за вашу поддержку и понимание.

Наилучшие пожелания,


IVI 3D Team

From: KhRamil via IVI 3D Printer | Forum

Date: 2020-04-11 07:10

To: tiffany

Subject: [IVI 3D Printer | Forum] [General/Kickstarter Updates] Schedule Update [Mid Feb]

KS Backer

    April 10

Привет Вам команда IVI. Уже прошел почти один год с тех пор как я сделал свой взнос и подержал Ваш проект. Я из Казахстана, и мне интересно несколько моментов:

  1. Сколько человек сегодня уже используют ваш продукт и могут это подтвердить?
  2. когда вы наконец будете завершать все важные работы и наконец начнете массовую рассылку продукта для нас?

Последняя ситуация во всем мире показывает что сырье дешевеет, как пластик так и металлы.

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Thanks for your reply.

  1. I saw all the videos, I follow the updates of IVI information
  2. it is very sad that we do not have a clear understanding when each of us will receive his product.
  3. I see a global change in prices for raw materials around the world, given the decrease in demand for it, most likely it will be even cheaper in the future.
  4. tell me, is there any real sense for the production and development of our own motherboard? Today we see how the BIGTREETECH company produces wonderful boards on a 32-bit processor, with good TMC 2208 and 2209 drivers. For example, SKR 1.3 mini will ideally replace the factory board on Creality Ender 3 printers. At the retail price, it is almost 2 times cheaper than their counterpart 1.1 .5 has a more powerful processor and newer stepper motor drivers. Their boards are already popular in the Russian-speaking community. Russian manufacturers assemble their printers on SKR boards.
  5. About the slicer here they wrote above, and I completely agree that at the first stage it is enough to adapt your product for Cura for example. I see no real reason to delay production due to a slicer, for example. but I admit that your idea is very good.

P.S. First of all, I respect your idea, your work and your abilities. I want you to correctly understand my message, this is a subjective opinion, I share my thoughts.
Many successful manufacturers in various industries outsource part of the production, if they understand that it makes no sense to invent new things, if there is already good and affordable. This saves both resources and time.
I also feel negative about the delay of 4 months today. It is surprising to me that right now there is no first installment for beta testers. These people, for the most part, are professionals, investing the lowest price for your product, they understood that their party will be the first, there may not be perfect parts in it. But their experience of use would help you make the latest improvements and give out for later patrons who, by the way, paid more. As far as I understand, your production cycle already has a delay of 7 months, this is a lot, and it will only get more complicated. I believe in you, I urge you to approach your plans and ideas wisely.

@khramil13, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your concerns make sense. Please check my reply:

  1. I can understand your mood. Every one of you is waiting for IVI badly. And we want to fulfill the delivery as soon as possible;
  2. After checking with our purchaser, there is no big price difference in the raw materials we need, while the production cost goes up because the processing time extended;
  3. The reasons for making our own motherboard: a. IVI has a closed-loop system, we need to make the board ourselves to achieve it; b. IVI has different sensors, the boards on the market cannot support these sensors;
  4. Regarding slicer, we need slice files for CNC carving/laser engraving except for FDM 3D printing;
    We outsource standard parts and cooperate with different factories to produce professional parts. You are right, beta testers would help us a lot in improving the product. So we are working at full speed to start shipping.