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Schedule Update [Mid September]

Dear all,

We know that you’ve been waiting for this schedule update for a while. We will announce the revised timeline in this update. First of all, let’s check out our latest progress.

Ⅰ. Control Board

The integrated mainboard and affiliated boards are under testing. So far, we found there is no inductance on the power supply during testing and will talk to the manufacturer on this problem to make sure the safety of the power supply.

Besides, the CNC board is failed due to the new driver chip we picked. We changed the chip to adapt to the mechanical design of tool-heads. Clearly, this is a mistake we made because we are over-optimistic to the new chip. We will be more careful with any change to the design in the future because any change that not being verified has its risks.

We plan to finish the testing in 2 weeks and start PCB trial production at the end of September. We can expect to receive the trail produced boards by the middle of October.

Ⅱ. Embedded Firmware

We optimized some functions and added some new functions, such as:

  1. Added filament runout recovery;

  2. Optimized pause and resume function;

  3. Added first layer calibration by finetuning Z-offset to decrease print failure caused by improper Z offset;

  4. Added Axis movement limitation protection. When the target coordinate point exceeds its limitation, the printer will go to the max point allowed.

Ⅲ. LCD & Slicer

We fixed most bugs found on LCD in August. Based on the new functions added by embedded software, we started the development of those functions and optimized some interface design for a better user experience. LCD app is expected to be ready by this month.

The testing engineer tested IVI Slicer thoroughly in August and found some minor bugs. We are still optimizing IVI Slicer. It is expected to be ready by this month. We appreciate that there is one backer proposed help testing the Beta version of IVI Slicer. We will consider inviting backers to experience IVI Slicer ahead after it is ready.

Ⅳ. Mechanical Hardware

Except for tool-heads, almost mechanical parts design is confirmed. We started molding in August as planned, including die-casting parts, plastic parts, and stamping parts, and started trial production of machining parts and sheet metal parts.

As for the new tool-heads, the laser head is so far so good, but we found the extrusion resistance on the print head is too big, thus we need to optimize print head design again. Regarding the CNC head, as we mentioned the drive chip problem, we need to change the drive chip and the mechanical design of the CNC head is likely to change based on the change of board design.

Based on the current situation, our plan on mechanical hardware is as bellow:

  1. Fix the problems of tool-heads within this month and start production by the end of September;

  2. Start package design, making proof and production;

  3. Inspect the production of molds, machining parts, and sheet metal parts to ensure the quality and schedule.

Ⅴ. Testing

We finished the second round printing testing in three weeks as planned. The printer’s performance is stable and good. And we started testing the printer equipped with integrated boards this week and plan to finish testing in 2 weeks.

Ⅵ. Production

  1. Reviewed and confirmed the manufacture specification of some newly confirmed components;

  2. Updated the SOP of tool-heads;

  3. Finished preliminary selection of assembly factories and plan to inspect factories and confirm the cooperation factory next week.

Based on the molding timeline and the to-do list before shipping, the revised timeline to start shipping is December 2020. The work plan is as below:

  1. Finish the preparation of manufacturing materials——Late October

  2. Assemble and test 1 unit IVI 3D printer in-house——Mid November

  3. Finish the trial production of 30 units——Late November

  4. Finish the testing of trial-produced printers——Mid December

  5. Finish the shipping of trial-produced printer——Late December

  6. Evaluate the shipping schedule for all-tier backers——Late December

We will show you the progress of molding via texts & pictures in the future updates. Thank you for your understanding and support as always.


Thank you so much for the update Tiffany. :balloon:


Excellent progress, thank you Tiffany!


Thanks a lot for the update @Tiffany , as things seem to be more stable I guess it´s safe assume that my printer it´s going to be sent on may (I went for the x-mas surprise pledge).
Stay safe,

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Hi, can we get information on which backer classes will get what and when?

Will the early backers get their units in Dec and other later on from this?


Good to hear. Keep up with the good work guys!

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Thank to all of you How work on this printer/ cnc project. Hope you reach the goal soon! And thank too to backers that hard Give help.
Can t sait to see the next pictures and shedule. :grinning:

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Hi @abrooksdavis, beta adopters will get the first batch printers because testing is important on the first batch printers.