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Shipment Europe

Saw a question at the kickstarter regarding shipment to Europe.
Since many countries here have added tariffs towards China/not EU countries, how goes the plans for this?
Were talks about maybe have a dealer here that forward the printer? Or is it possible to write a different value on the package? Or other solutions that I don’t know about? :slight_smile:
Sweden has some extreme tariffs for China package :confused:

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Pretty sure this should be almost the same for all of EU.

(price + shipping) + VAT + customs.
VAT depends on country, in sweden it seems to be 25%, so (price + shipping) * 0.25.
Customs should be EU wide at 1.7%, so (price + shipping) * 0.017
I’m not aware of any additional tariffs.

For me with my addons, I come down to (price + shipping) = 612 Euro.
My country has a lower VAT at 20%.
612 + 122,4 + 10.41. Giving me a total price of 734.81. 134.81 of which are taxes and customs.

Assuming you had an identical order to mine and get the same shipping prices, you can expect to pay 163.41 extra, putting your total at 775.41

Edit: I realized that all the prices I listed are in Dollar, not Euro. So that reduces my 134.81 down to 116.87 Euro

Yeah. Something like that, we have some handling costs too.
That’s why my question :slight_smile:
I guessing all have taking this cost into consideration, but if we can free/lower from VAT, it’s a bonus :slight_smile:

What price will be put on the shipping label? Will it be the backed amount, maybe even the lowest possible price (very early bird aka 299 base price) or the retail which would make it quite a lot more expensive compared to the other ones?
Maybe @Helen knows already something?

According to EU regulation, it should be the pledge level + addons + shipping.

Hi All,

If you live in the UK, you can use the link below to work out how much import duty/VAT Etc. you may need to pay. It could be extortionate depending on the value put on the delivery note. Good old England…

Ofc it should be the pledge amount…
But how can they control that I didn’t pledge the lowest amount?

Hi pascal_heidmann, I am very sorry for the late reply. We plan to put the backed amount on the invoice unless backer has a different request. If requested to put a lower price on the invoice, the backer needs to make sure that it will not cause any custom clearance problem. This varies by country. Some countries are more strict while some others are not. We will also consult with the shipping agent regarding declaring a lower value on the invoice to help backers save the cost.