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SLA add on future option

Are there still future plans for SLA to be added on to this printer once it gets completed and shipped ?


Hi @valanda_jans, yes, it is still in our plan.


Excellent, as that is the primary reason I backed this project, SLA.


Same here. Saw that in the promo video.

By the way, there is some news about SLA technology but, I think, that might require the development of another printer.

Is there a way to upgrade my current backing to include the SLA option, or is that not available yet?

Hi @Gusswho38, SLA is not available yet. We will notify backers when it is available. Currently, we are working on the delivery of orders.

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I know the SLA is only in the planning phase but do you have any details on how it would work? Would it be an attachment or would will there be another model of IVI printers that will support that.
Thanks for the quick response!

From what I saw on there earlier prototype is that theirs will be a laser modular attachment so it will be more of a top down sla. I have an Anycubic Photon and those are bottom/top printers, so the led is at the bottom. The top/down sla concept is more like the Milkshake 3D or the Gizmo. Hoping it will be like that and I’m eagerly waiting just like you.

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@Gusswho38, it should be an attachment to the current IVI. We will have more details to share after we start to develop the SLA module.

Given the modular nature, a replacement for the fdm head with a build platform and a msla bed looks like it would be possible. And truthfully given the flexibility of msla while sla can give a smaller layer, msla is still incredibly a fine detail. What would people rather see, msla or sla? And would msla be possible with ivi?

According to IVI, they are working on an sla module but it’s down the road. They are trying to get the printer done and shipped out before attempting that module. I just like the fact that they are thinking of doing a top / down version which we all know there are not that many out. Just Milkshake3D and Gizmo3D have the top/down concept, no fep required and faster printing.