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Slicer Suggestions

I didn’t see a topic anywhere here about ideas/suggestions for the IVI slicer, so I figured we could start one.

I didn’t notice any problems with it to begin with. I played around a bit to get an idea of print times vs. my current printer.

One thing I noticed is that we can’t make changes to the nozzle size. What I mean is that, there are settings for a bunch of different nozzle sizes up to 0.4, but nothing beyond that. I often print using vase mode (spiralized) and to add extra strength to the print, I use a 0.8 nozzle.

So I would think we either need profiles added for these larger nozzle sizes, or the ability to add/create our own.

There is an interesting thread in the Snapmakers fora about how much the slicer matters for the result, comparing prusa and cura:

Can I request a Linux version of the Slicer. I don’t have a Mac or a Windows system

There is no 0.8 mm print head afaik. From the campaign page: IVI offers 6 FDM print heads with various nozzle sizes (0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35 and 0.4 mm)

Nozzles are interchangeable. IVI just uses the basic E3D style, so you can remove one, and replace it with another. Ideally, I’d like to be able to use larger sizes sometimes.

If that is the case, then I totally agree and would also like to see this feature.

Having played around with the slicer a bit over the past few days, my main suggestions are as follows:
For FDM:
It would be nice if I could add supports to my models within the ivi slicer.
For CNC: finish it please.
That’s all the feedback that I have for now.

You can add supports through the IVI slicer. When you click on the “Printing Settings” dropdown menu, choose the profile you want to use. Then press the little plus button right near the top, and it will make a new profile based on the one you chose. Scroll down through the options till the very end, then you can choose to add supports, and adjust the parameters of them.

Thank you very much!