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Solution of Laser Head Safety & Result of Casted Model

Dear IVIers,

This update consists of two parts just as the title indicates.

The first one is the Result of Casted Model.

Do you want to check out the casting result of the model “Hand of the King Pin” printed with wax filament? There you go! We got the casted models several days ago. It looks more stunning after polished. The weight of the metal makes it feels better than common plastic filament.

Comparison of the printed, the casted, and the polished #1

Comparison of the printed, the casted, and the polished #2

The second part is the Solution of Laser Head Safety.

Safety is always our top priority. The safety of the laser head has been talked a lot, and we listed it as one of the Top 10 requests to be resolved in Update #36. Now please check out our solution—a detachable protective cover of the laser head.

The protective cover (DIY prototype)

The features & advantages of this solution:

  1. Isolation of laser from the source enables overall protection. Both the printer operator and any others in the room are protected from the laser;

  2. The cover will connect with the laser head via magnet, which means it is easy to install and won’t have any influence on 3D printing and CNC carving module;

  3. We will upgrade this cover so that length adjustment will be possible;

  4. The color of the protective film could be orange/green/black. We will decide the color after comprehensive testings.

Note: The pattern looks like off-centered because the material is not a true circle shape as you can see from the picture.

Below are the laser engraving parameters for this test.

Material: Balsa Wood

Dimension: Ø100 mm

Laser Head: 2500 mW

Engraving Speed: 1000 mm/min

Time: 21 minutes

Pass: 1 pass

Laser Power Min: 0%

Laser Power Max: 100%

Last, regarding the BackerKit survey (Pledge Manager survey), it have been sent to all backer’s email (The one you used on Kickstarter). Please remember to complete the survey before 15th, July. If you have not received your survey link, please email us at support@ivi3d.com.

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